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Bazooka Farmstar Infinity Boom Truck
Bazooka Farmstar Introduces 85’, 4-section Infinity Boom Truck

December 15, 2023

Bazooka Farmstar is excited to add the Infinity boom truck to our line of liquid manure pump units. Designed with enhanced maneuverability, the 85’ high-performance manure pump boom truck makes pumping liquid manure more efficient, convenient, and safe. With four…

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Bazooka Benthem Brothers Featured
Enhancing Operations: Benthem Brothers Dairy Invests in Bazooka Farmstar System

December 12, 2023

Benthem Brothers Dairy, located in north central Michigan, has about 3,600 head of cattle across their locations. They farm about 4,000 acres—mostly corn and alfalfa with rye for a cover crop.  About two years ago, the dairy invested in a…

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manure injection bazooka farmstar
Manure Injection: Maximizing Nutrient Efficiency and Minimizing Environmental Impact

November 7, 2023

Manure injection can seem like an expensive venture to pursue, especially if your state doesn’t have rigid regulations around injection or incorporation. But the benefits of injecting manure into a field, when compared to surface application, are clear—and they include…

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Fall Dragline Manure System Maintenance
Fall Dragline Manure System Maintenance Reduces Risk and Extends Equipment Life

October 13, 2023

Each fall, custom applicators and dairy and hog farm operators get their dragline manure systems out of storage to pump and apply liquid manure. Pumps, agitation equipment, hoses, trailers, tank bars, and other components have been sitting in storage for…

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BRING IT: Griffin Fraise

October 6, 2023

If you were to find someone who lives and breathes to work inside and outside Bazooka Farmstar, that would be assembly technician Griffin Fraise, our BRING IT GAMECHANGER. Griffin’s dedication to his work at Bazooka Farmstar is truly remarkable. He…

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Bazooka Farmstar Quick Attach Liquid Manure
Quick Attach Manure Application Tank Bars: A Happy Medium

October 5, 2023

Versatility and Convenience Packed Into One Dairy farms, hog farms, and custom applicators sometimes want a quick, cost-effective solution to start or expand liquid manure operations. Enter the Bazooka Farmstar Quick Attach Phantom Tank Bar and Quick Attach Dribble Tank…

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September 29, 2023

Our recent GAMECHANGER recipients all have one thing in common – a deep appreciation for what keeps them at Bazooka Farmstar, and that’s the people. The same goes for our recent Bigger Than Us GAMECHANGER recipient, Joel Sutter. Design Engineer…

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Fall Photo and Video Contest
2023 Fall Photo and Video Contest

September 26, 2023

Welcome to the Bazooka Farmstar Fall Photo and Video Contest! We’re excited to see your creativity and equipment in action as you capture the beauty of fall. Whether you’re a professional photographer or love making reels, this contest is open…

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BLEED BAZOOKA: Emily Robison

September 22, 2023

Over the past 2.5 years at Bazooka Farmstar, Emily Robison, an industrial engineer, has exemplified hard work and a strong sense of ownership. Her dedication and passion for her work recently earned her the prestigious Bleed Bazooka Gamechanger award, as…

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Bazooka Farmstar Manure Dragline System Cost
ROI of Owning Your Own Manure Dragline System

September 21, 2023

As dairies and pig farms continue to grow in size, they produce more manure each year, leading to an increased demand for manure applicators. Custom applicators are very busy and stretched thin each season, so it can be hard for…

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BE SAFE: Ron Boshart

September 15, 2023

In the realm of routine, where many opt to follow familiar paths and processes, individuals like Ron Boshart emerge as game-changers. Ron’s commitment to safety, a fundamental value at Bazooka Farmstar, sets him apart. For six years, he has been…

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Introducing Site Planning: Elevate Your Pumping Management

August 10, 2023

Experience the Future of Farm Planning with a Complimentary 60-Day Trial Bazooka Farmstar is excited to unveil its groundbreaking Site Planning tool, designed to revolutionize the way manure pumpers manage their operations. In celebration of this launch, Bazooka Farmstar is…

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