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Dominate the lagoon

The Wolverine Agitation Boat circulates large volumes of liquid manure, agitating a lagoon in a fraction of the time.

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Bigger and badder

Titan 2 is our largest front folding liquid manure injection toolbar engineered to execute pass after pass.

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The productivity powerhouse

The Renegade Agitation Trailer with Loadstand Option maximizes efficiency when agitating, transferring, filling tanks or force-feeding from a liquid manure source.

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Booming with efficiency

The 85’ Infinity Boom Truck makes pumping liquid manure more efficient, convenient, and safe for you and your crew.

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Built by the best

Bazooka Farmstar delivers the best liquid manure management solutions possible.

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Liquid Manure Equipment

Our team is committed to manufacturing equipment that creates lasting value for our customers by providing quality, innovative liquid manure management solutions for dragline and tank and exceptional service.

Manure Agitation

Bazooka Farmstar’s liquid manure agitation equipment is designed to manage manure lagoons and pits with efficiency and ease all while achieving maximum solids removal and nutrient application in the field.

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Liquid manure toolbars from Bazooka Farmstar offer a variety of both pull-type and 3-Point options, row unit spacings, and the industry’s first front folding liquid manure injection toolbar, delivering topnotch performance and efficiency for your dragline operation.

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Tank Bars

Bazooka Farmstar’s innovative line of liquid manure tank bars provide high performance for liquid manure top spreading and injection.

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Phantom 2 Injection Unit
Manure Injection Units

Bazooka Farmstar's line of manure injector units provides precise manure injection with low soil disturbance and maximum performance. Paired with Bazooka's line of toolbars and tank bars, our manure injectors are ready to get the job done.

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Manure Pump Units

Conveniently pump manure more safely and efficiently than ever before. Bazooka Farmstar's tried and true manure pump unit lineup has been refined through years of field experience and is ready to deliver unrivaled pump performance.

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Hose Reels

Bazooka Farmstar’s liquid manure lay flat hose reels deliver high performance and trusted reliability to the market.

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Nexus pumping technology

Liquid manure equipment technology provides advanced machinery and systems designed to efficiently handle, transport, and apply liquid manure on agricultural fields for improved nutrient management and environmental sustainability.

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Other Equipment

As a liquid manure management leader, Bazooka Farmstar offers various equipment and technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency of liquid manure management operations across the country.

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Ready to shoot the sh*t?

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Stay up-to-date with the latest product launches and gain invaluable insights into Bazooka Farmstar’s innovative manure-handling equipment.

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Renegade Agitation Trailer

Bazooka Blog

manure vertical pit pump

Service and support

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and ensuring your liquid manure equipment is always running at full speed. With our dealers and next-level support, you’ll be ready for any challenge that comes your way.

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Proudly Bazooka-built

Located in the heart of the Midwest, our manufacturing facilities and warehouse feature 300,000 square feet of advanced technology to create some of the most innovative and durable equipment on the market. We’re proud of our never-settle-for-less approach as we bring grit and integrity to every Bazooka build.

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Join our crew

Do you find that you love a good challenge? Better yet, do you love to have fun while you embrace those challenges? Are you adventurous, creative and continuously improving? Then you’d be a perfect fit for our team. Learn more about a career at Bazooka Farmstar.

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