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Solutions for every challenge.

With the Bazooka’s equipment and technology by your side, there’s virtually no liquid manure challenge you can’t handle. Every component has been meticulously designed and field tested for superior performance

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Bring it on.

We’ve got the equipment to do the job right.

Take a closer look at all of the solutions and see how your liquid manure operation can be taken to the next level.

Supply and Drag Hoses

Bazooka Farmstar is the exclusive North American supplier of Gollmer & Hummel supply and drag lay flat hoses. It’s our mission to offer the best liquid manure injection equipment on the market, and lay flat hoses are no exception. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best.

  • Elite thick outer jacket
  • Elite drag hose is neon green for high visibility in dusty or dark conditions
  • Elite drag hose has more cover thickness than any other drag hose on the market for increased durability and wear
  • Many size options

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Hose Hustler
Hose Hustler

The Hose Hustler acts as a liquid manure drag hose protector and saves valuable time by moving drag hose while the toolbar continues to inject liquid manure.

  • Patented side shift technology to place hose more precisely
  • Makes any dragline operation more efficient
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Built to make your hose last longer

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Portable Pig Launcher
Portable Pig Launcher

Bazooka Farmstar’s Portable liquid manure injection hose Pig Launcher trailer can help you quickly clean multiple hose sections at once, saving your most precious asset – time!

  • Launch cleanout pigs from any part of your hose layout
  • Easy-to-use trailer
  • Heavy-duty gate valve for bypass and Launcher

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PTO Booster Pumps
PTO Booster Pump

Bazooka Farmstar’s PTO Booster Pump is a convenient, cost-effective solution for smaller operations to pump their liquid manure without buying a separate engine unit.

  • Economical Tractor-driven pump
  • Variety Pump options available
  • Variety of Plumbing options

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Towable Splash Bar
Towable Splash Bar

Bazooka Farmstar works to create lasting products that fit the needs of operations of all shapes and sizes that work in a wide variety of field types.

  • Most economical top-spread dragline bar
  • Towable from site-to-site with light tow vehicle
  • Upgrades available

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Pit Pal
Pit Pal

The Bazooka Farmstar Pit Pal submersible liquid manure pump can agitate or pump from 800 to 1,100 GPM, and is 100% portable.

  • Tractor Hydraulic submersible pump for 1,100 GPM
  • Low-cost liquid transfer or force-feeding from deep pits
  • Manual actuated gate valve to shut off flow

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Trench pal
Trench Pal

Bazooka Farmstar’s Trench Pal liquid manure pump has the capability to pump thick liquids up to 800 GPM, with no priming required.

  • Tractor Hydraulic submersible pump for 800 GPM
  • Low-cost liquid transfer or force-feeding
  • Made for accessible open trenches

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Portable Loadstand
Portable Loadstand

Bazooka Farmstar’s 35’ Portable Loadstand is available in 8” and 10” diameters with a wide base for stability.

  • 8″ or 10″ galvanized steel Pipe, 35′ long
  • Easy to operate height adjustment
  • Stable design and easily maneuverable

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Renegade Agitation Trailer

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