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Bazooka Farmstar Introduces 85’, 4-section Infinity Boom Truck

December 15, 2023

Bazooka Banner Infinity Boom Truck

Bazooka Farmstar is excited to add the Infinity boom truck to our line of liquid manure pump units. Designed with enhanced maneuverability, the 85’ high-performance manure pump boom truck makes pumping liquid manure more efficient, convenient, and safe.

With four boom sections and an 85-foot reach, no job is out of reach. This boom truck will allow farmers and pumpers to reach even the toughest pump-outs.

The Infinity boom truck was designed with efficiency and safety in mind. Features include:

  • 8″ to 10″ boom plumbing for increased flow and efficiency
  • 18″ white iron Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump
  • A flexible hose, instead of elbow fittings, for maximum flow
  • Independent support structure with outriggers for unmatched stability
  • Heavy-duty slew ring that allows for 270 degrees of boom rotation
  • Remote boom operation for precision control and safety
  • Optional rotating agitation nozzle that allows fluid agitation while pumping at full capacity

Bazooka Infinity Boom Truck

Bazooka Farmstar keeps safety and serviceability in mind in all its products, so the Infinity boom truck also comes with easily accessible service points, two convenient ladder locations for access to major components, and heavy-duty pump bearings instead of mechanical seals. That’s right: no mechanical seal. Our pumps also feature a dual-sealed grease chamber and a 4-bolt quick-access suction cover for next-level maintenance accessibility. 

This is a piece of equipment that will extend where our customers can pump. You can park between hog buildings and easily reach either side. You can now reach deep lagoons up to 51 feet below grade when positioned just 32 feet from the edge. That’s a gamechanger for liquid manure operations.

The Infinity boom truck is built to move more manure from the most challenging locations. Unrivaled reach and maneuverability give farmers and pumpers flexibility, convenience, efficiency, and safety all in one. 

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo of the Infinity boom truck.

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