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Quick Attach Manure Application Tank Bars: A Happy Medium

October 5, 2023

Bazooka Farmstar Liquid Manure Quick Attach Tank Bar

Versatility and Convenience Packed Into One

Dairy farms, hog farms, and custom applicators sometimes want a quick, cost-effective solution to start or expand liquid manure operations. Enter the Bazooka Farmstar Quick Attach Phantom Tank Bar and Quick Attach Dribble Tank Bar. The Quick Attach (QA) Series is just what it sounds like—and more.

The Quick Attach Series is a Cost-effective Solution to Manure Management

The Quick Attach series includes tank bars that are—you guessed it from the name—quick to attach. The Phantom and Dribble Tank Bars attach (quickly) to a manure tank to spread—either by injection or dribble—liquid manure on a field. 

Quick Attach Tank Bars are a great option if:

  • You’re a custom manure applicator who owns a small tank and/or dragline operation (injection or broadcast) and you want to diversify your business offerings with your bottom line front-of-mind.
  • You’re a farmer who wants more control over your tank manure application, and you’re working within budget to relieve this pain.

Bazooka Farmstar Quick Attach Tank Bar

The Quick Attach Series is offered in the following application configurations:

  • Full (tank and dragline components)
  • Tank only
  • Dragline only

Having the flexibility to begin with just tank or dragline configuration makes expansion in the future as simple as adding components of the QA Series that are compatible with the differing application method.

How Quick is Quick?

Not convinced the Quick Attach Series can be attached (and detached) quickly? We’ve put together a short “how-to” video to demonstrate just how quickly and easily the bar can be transformed from a tank to dragline setup.

See it for yourself:

If this quick, versatile option is appealing to you, there are a few more decisions to be made to configure your liquid manure application system.

Easy to Clean

The QA Series tank bars come equipped with our anti-clog, accessible Flux manifold as well as a lift handle, making it easy to clean out clogs and resulting in a more uniform liquid manure distribution. Instead of being mounted on the top of the tank, our Flux manifold sits conveniently on the bar, making it quicker, simpler, and more comfortable for the operator to maintain and clean. Now, you can easily work at ground level instead of reaching above your head to do your thing.

The hydraulic gate valve can be opened to clean out the manifold without leaving the tractor. If the manifold lid does need to be removed, the Flux has a lift assist handle that makes removal simple.

Bazooka Farmstar Quick Attach Tank Bar Cleaning

Coverage Widths

Now that we know how quick the Quick Attach series is, let’s talk about what type of ground the tank bars cover. The bar component of the QA Series is the same build and has the same models we offer within our Ground Tracker Series tank bar line, without the swivel (tracker) feature. Bar widths available including:

  • 16′ coverage width 
  • 20′ coverage width 
  • 25′ coverage width 

Unit Spacing

The QA Series also comes in several unit spacing configurations:

  • 8 units on 24″
  • 8 units on 30″
  • 10 units on 24″
  • 10 units on 30″

Keeping It Quick

Since this post is all about speed, we’ll wrap it up quickly. If you’re an applicator looking to add or expand tank operations or you’re a farmer ready to start investing in owning your own liquid manure management system, talk to our team about the Quick Attach Series.

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