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Phantom 2 Injection Unit


Bazooka Farmstars upgraded Phantom 2 manure injection units are built for versatility, longevity, and reduced maintenance for both toolbars and tank bars. They provide maximum performance with minimal soil disturbance. These injection units ensure uniform nutrient coverage across the entire field by precisely injecting liquid manure 4″-6″ beneath the surface. 


  • Built for longevity 
  • Little to no in-season maintenance 
  • Easy-to-replace wear parts  
  • Low soil disturbance
  • Even nutrient coverage 
  • Precise nutrient placement 
  • Upgrade GPA to up to 25,000 with Phantom 2 Edge 

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    • Dual Compression Spring Downforce

      Phantom 2 Injector with Spring DownforceFeatures a simple, maintenance-free, worry-free dual compression spring system to keep the injector in the ground. Downforce can be manually adjusted for varying field conditions with a standard ½ drive breaker bar or ratchet. 

    • Hydraulic Cylinder Downforce

      Phantom 2 with Hydraulic DownforceHydraulic cylinder downforce units are easily adjusted for varying field conditions. With a fixed pressure setting, the downforce applied stays nearly constant throughout the entire range of motion, meaning significantly less chance of blade breakage in rocky soil. This also offers greater total downforce potential than a traditional spring unit for dry, high-clay content soils and lateseason ground.     


    • Standard

      • Spacing options: Titan Toolbars:  18”, 20”, 24”, 30”  
      • 4” – 6” running depth with depth gauge wheel and cover plate 
      • 5° unit angle – Recommended for Titan Toolbars 
      • 3° unit angle – Recommended for Tank Bars 
      • Wavy, main coulter blade | 22” diameter 
      • Wavy, closure blade | 17” diameter 
      • Mounting plate and hardware for 6” x 4” vertically oriented tubes 
      • Nickel-plated floating mount pin with maintenance free bushings 
      • Bolt-on main hub and spindle 
      • Adjustable main arm down pressure (spring adjust or hydraulic pressure adjust) 
      • Cast ductile iron closure mount and arm  
      • Adjustable closure position and angle 
      • Adjustable down-force spring for closure arm 
      • 3” drop tube with U-bolt hose clamp 
      • Maintenance free bearing and bushings throughout 
    • Upgrades

      • Phantom Edge Retrofit Kit (for up to 25,000 GPA)
        • Upgrading Phantom 2 unit to the Phantom Edge design, includes:
          • Opener blade
          • Closure blade


Bazooka Farmstar works with a network of dealers across the country, ready to help you find the manure equipment you need for your operation. Find one in your local area for your equipment and service needs.

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