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Infinity Series Boom Truck 85′

More reach, more productivity. Boom.

The triple-fold 85’ Infinity boom truck incorporates innovative features that will make pumping liquid manure more efficient, convenient, and safe for you and your crew. Designed with enhanced durability, this boom truck maximizes boom reach within our pump unit category, which is sure to deliver maximized productivity.


  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Reduced set-up time

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85 Infinity Boom Truck


    • Standard

      • Weight: Boom system adds approx. 36,000 lbs. to the truck
      • Length: 38’ from behind the truck cab
      • Deck width: 100”
      • Height: 13’
      • 85′ triple-section boom with a double-acting third section for increased range of motion
        • High-strength steel boom construction
        • 8” Stainless steel and wear-resistant poly pipe boom plumbing
        • Boom cylinders are hard-plumbed to locking valves
      • Grease bank on boom’s base
      • 18” White Iron Bazooka Submersible Pump
      • 10-bank valve, open-loop system | Controls all hydraulic boom and gate valve functions
      • High-capacity hydraulic oil cooler
      • [2] Folding outriggers
      • [2] Hydraulic telescoping outriggers
      • Hydrostat wet kit
      • 8″ swiveling discharge
      • 5′ section of lay flat supply hose near the intake for easy cleanout or force-feeding
      • Pig launcher with hydraulic gate valve and chained safety cap
      • Diamond-plated deck floor
      • [2] ladder locations
      • 400-gallon fuel tank with baffles
      • Rear receiver hitch
    • Standard Options

      • Engines & Engine Options
      • Pump Options
    • Upgrades

      • 500-gallon fuel tank
      • Rear Draw Bar Hitch
      • Rear Pintle Hitch
      • Wireless boom remote control (Belly pack)
      • Rear-mounted boom controls
      • 8” Krohne flowmeter and cables
    • Typical Package Recommendation

      • Main Pump: Cornell 6819MPC
      • Engine: JD 13.6L (max 684 HP) with rear pump drive
      • Hydrostat Pump: 18″ Bazooka Submersible Pump
      • 100CC Hydrostat
      • Motor: 180CC, SAE D flange


    • IS-85-H

      • 85’ Infinity Boom Truck
      • 3,500 GPM


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