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New Bazooka Farmstar 32’ Outlaw Force-feed Trailer

June 5, 2024

Bazooka Banner 32' Outlaw

We’re excited to announce our new 32’ Outlaw force-feed trailer, a cost-effect, efficient manure handling solution. 

The new 32’ Outlaw force-feed trailer is a more compact version of its 52’ and 42’ Outlaw force-feed trailers that offers a heavy-duty, high-performance manure handling solution that can handle the toughest applications.

Specifications on the 32’ Outlaw include:

  • 15” AR 400 BF or 18″ white iron Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump
  • 32’ triple-section high-flow boom with 270-degree rotation
  • Electric pump backup
  • Four hydraulic downriggers for stability
  • Optional boom remote for easy set-up and operation
  • Rear-mounted controls for safety
  • Easy access to parts for maintenance

Its compact size doesn’t keep the 32’ Outlaw from efficient and powerful pumping. The high-flow boom—with 8” plumbing—is easy to maneuver, quick to set up, and comes with pumping power. Operators can choose from a range of pumps based on flow rate and manure consistency, with options to pump 2500 GPM to 3750 GPM.

The new Outlaw trailer is compatible with our Nexus electronic pump control technology that provides real-time pump monitoring for off-site pump management. Operators can monitor and operate pumps on a phone, laptop or tablet from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

“We continue to take feedback from our customers about what they want in their pumping equipment, and the 32’ Outlaw stems from the desire for a more compact, cost-effective and efficient trailer,” says Eric Hahn, managing partner at Bazooka Farmstar. “With our various force-feed trailer options, pumpers and farmers can find the right setup for their operations.”

To see more details, visit the 32’ Outlaw product page.

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