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Portable Loadstand

Extra sturdy. Ultra convenient.

Our 35’ Portable Loadstand makes transportation and mobility a breeze. Its simple, purpose-built design delivers when it comes to increased stability and convenience. A vital piece to any tank crew’s operation, this loadstand is built to stand the test of time.


  • Built for increased stability
  • Purpose-built, straightforward design

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Portable Loadstand


    • Standard

      • [2] Used 195/65R15 tires
      • 4-bolt flange
      • Drain tube
      • Hose for the spout
      • Spout clamp
    • Upgrade Options

      • [2] New 195/65R15 tires
      • Ball & ring kit (Available for 8” and 10” models)
        • Includes flange and gasket
      • Carriage Assembly (Available for 10” and 12” models)
        • Does not include a tube or hose for the spout


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