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Streamlined Pumping Operations: 52’ Outlaw Force-Feed Trailer

January 29, 2024

Bazooka Farmstar 52' Outlaw Trailer

Farmers and custom applicators are always looking for ways to streamline their operations, save time, and enhance productivity. The new Bazooka Farmstar 52’ Outlaw Force-Feed Trailer helps do just that. 

Collin Kelting, Owner of Kelting Custom Pumping, used the Outlaw this past fall season and said, “Overall, it’s been a good investment, and this year with the Outlaw went really well.” He’s able to increase output and do more faster with the 52’ Outlaw. 

Let’s see how the Outlaw helps Kelting and other pumpers work faster and pump more.

Faster Transportation Speed

When you have to haul a tractor, pit pump, lagoon pump, and other equipment, traveling from site to site is slow going, especially when sites are dozens of miles apart. With the Outlaw, everything is on one trailer, which makes transportation easier—and faster since you can drive highway speeds. 

Kelting was very pleased with the improvement in transport time. He said, “Travel time was much better with the Outlaw. It was nice moving just one pump to go from site to site.”

Efficient Double Site Turnover

Kelting says he’s picked up a lot more double site buildings, which were challenging—until he got the Outlaw. Previously, he had a pit pump that force fed to a main pump. At double sites, it took 1.5 to 2 hours to flip from one barn to the other, even though some of the barns only had 500,000 or so gallons. 

With the Outlaw, turnover time is cut by 90+%. “Now, we can be flipped over to the other barn in about seven minutes,” Kelting said. “We picked up a lot more gallons and production was sped up a lot.”

Double sites aren’t the only challenges the Outlaw is helping Kelting overcome. “One facility has a 16’ wall. Before the Outlaw, we had to tank it and it took two days because the pump loadout was so slow. Now, with the Outlaw, we dragline it and it takes just half a day.”

The Outlaw helps navigate challenging pumping sites and drastically improve efficiency. Plus, it looks good under the lights.

Kelting Bazooka Farmstar Outlaw Trailer

Long Reach, Maneuverability, and Control

As Kelting’s examples show, the 52′ boom length on the Outlaw helps pumpers reach manure lagoons, hard-to-reach confinement pits, and slurry storage tanks. The updated triple-section boom design is easier to maneuver and accurately control. It rotates 270° (180° to the left, 90° to the right), allowing you to set up in one location and pump out multiple pump-outs—like at double sites. Not to mention the unmatched reach:

  • Max. Depth: 24′ (below grade) out 26′ from the side of the trailer 
  • Max. Reach: 49′ 6″ (from the side of the trailer) at ground level  
  • Max. Slurry Store Height: 24′ 

Pure Pumping Power

The Outlaw is ready to tackle both pumping and agitating even the deepest lagoons, pits, and slurry storage. Built for high efficiency, the 10-inch plumbing has no 90-degree angles, which allows for more efficient pumping flow and reduces the potential for obstructions.

Choose a pump and engine combination—from 577-684 horsepower—that supports your operation’s flow rate targets and manure consistency. Pump over 4,000 GPM or up to 3,700 GPM at 150 psi outlet pressure while agitating. 

Easy Component Access for Maintenance 

The Outlaw was built with serviceability in mind. For example, the submersible force-feed pump doesn’t have a mechanical seal, so it’s not susceptible to seal failures. Bazooka Farmstar submersible pumps also feature a dual-sealed grease chamber and a 4-bolt quick-access suction cover for maintenance accessibility. 

All components, especially those with more frequent service recommendations, are easy to access and perform maintenance on.

Safety and Stability

The Outlaw was also built with safety and stability as top priorities. Controls are located at the rear of the trailer—far away from high-pressure outlets—and there’s optional boom remote control capabilities for additional safety and control. The trailer has four hydraulic outriggers that keep the trailer stabilized through operation. 

Top-of-the-line Tech

Outlaw Trailers are compatible with our Nexus electronic pump control technology, which provides real-time pump monitoring for off-site pump management. Check engine vitals, set intake and discharge pressures, shut your pumps down if a break is detected in the line, and more. Nexus lets you operate your pumps from anywhere you have an internet connection and a device—computer, tablet or phone—with the push of a button. 

Overall, Kelting is very happy with the 52’ Outlaw, and he continues to be extremely satisfied with his other Bazooka Farmstar equipment. “They’re close to me, very knowledgeable, and they offer good products and service, so I like working with Bazooka,” he finished.

If you want to see the 52’ Outlaw in action and learn how it can speed up your operations, request a demo.

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