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The Embodiment of Bazooka Farmstar’s BE SAFE Culture

March 22, 2024

At Bazooka Farmstar, safety is our top priority. We live by the motto “BE SAFE,” which reminds us to work safely in everything. Recently, Sean Sellers, a Quality Tech at Bazooka Farmstar, was recognized as a “BE SAFE Gamechanger” for his unwavering commitment to safety and his eagerness to take on any task that enhances the well-being of our workplace.

Sean has been with Bazooka Farmstar for two years, joining us after gaining valuable quality experience at a large manufacturer. The opportunity to expand his knowledge closer to home drew him to our company. As a Quality Tech, Sean oversees the final product, ensuring that our paint, welding, and fabrication meet the highest customer quality expectations.

However, Sean’s contributions go far beyond his primary responsibilities. He is always ready to take on additional tasks and projects that promote safety and efficiency across the company. One recent example involved a project identified by the safety team during their weekly meeting, which required the creation of a forklift attachment to hold equipment in place safely. Without hesitation, Sean jumped on the project the next day, demonstrating his commitment to prioritizing safety.

When asked how he felt upon receiving the “BE SAFE Gamechanger” recognition, Sean expressed surprise and appreciation, saying, “I was really surprised; I wasn’t expecting the award. It makes me feel appreciated around here, though.”

Sean attributes his recognition to his ambition to get projects done, stay on task, and seek out opportunities to benefit all departments, whether addressing safety concerns, improving efficiency, or enhancing the quality of work.

What keeps Sean at Bazooka Farmstar is the opportunity to help solve problems and work with great people. He finds joy in seeing the impact of his efforts on the work environment, which he describes as “totally different than my past experiences.”

When asked why others should consider working at Bazooka Farmstar, Sean highlighted the great work environment, the unique company culture, and the opportunity to learn about a new industry.

Sean’s advice is simple to those aspiring to become “Gamechangers” themselves: “Help each other out. Have an attitude to make yourself and the company better.”

Outside work, Sean enjoys spending time with his family on the farm, hunting, fishing, and engaging in outdoor activities. In recognition of his achievement, Sean chose to donate the $100 not-for-profit donation to English River Outfitters, a local charity that offers services to veterans. The reason he selected this group is because it is a way to honor his wife’s service in the Air Force and show appreciation for all veterans.

Congratulations to Sean Sellers on his well-deserved “BE SAFE Gamechanger” award! His dedication to safety, quality work, and continuous improvement exemplifies the values that Bazooka Farmstar holds to a high standard.

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