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Real-time Monitoring for Wolverine Agitation Boats

March 19, 2024

Bazooka Banner Wolverine Cloud Monitoring

Owners of Bazooka Farmstar’s Wolverine agitation boats can now monitor and manage their units from afar with Wolverine Cloud Monitoring. Stay connected to your Wolverine operations from anywhere with live data, electrical troubleshooting, daily reports, and more. All this information is available on demand from anywhere via a compatible web browser.

Let’s see how Wolverine Cloud Monitoring is revolutionizing remote agitation boat management.

Live Status

See all the vital information about your Wolverine in real time, including:

  • GPS location
  • Fault codes
  • Machine status
  • Fuel and DEF levels
  • Engine RPMs, load, hours, and temperature
  • Hydraulic level, temperature, and pressure

The status screen updates every 60 seconds to provide the latest data.

wolverine cloud monitoring live status

Electrical Troubleshooting

Quickly see green light/red light status for all electrical components, as well as detailed voltage and current values for all sensors and solenoids. 

wolverine cloud monitoring electrical troubleshooting

Daily Reports

See comprehensive daily reports for your Wolverine, including

  • A GPS map of the entire day (see below)
  • Engine hours at beginning and end of each day
  • All error codes
  • Graphs of all major sensors

wolverine cloud monitoring gps map

Reports are stored in the cloud for 12 months so you can conduct historical analysis and identify areas for potential improvement. 

Remote Connectivity

Connect remotely with Bazooka Farmstar or select dealers to ensure quick troubleshooting. Solve issues fast to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Get Connected

Interested in Wolverine Cloud Monitoring? It’s available on all new Wolverine agitation boats, and many existing units can be retrofitted with these new capabilities. Contact us or your dealer to see if your unit can be connected. 

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