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Matt Crawford: Living the Bleed Bazooka Way

March 28, 2024

Matt Crawford, Lead Welder at Bazooka Farmstar, was recently honored with the company’s prestigious Bleed Bazooka Gamechanger Award. The award recognizes employees who embody Bazooka’s core values and go above and beyond in their work.

Crawford has been with Bazooka for over a decade, and having a local welding job opportunity in the town he was born and raised was what led him to Bazooka. When asked about how he felt about the recognition, Crawford shared, “It felt good to receive this recognition for my hard work. One of the key things that was highlighted is how I collaborate with others to get the job done efficiently.”

His nominators raved about Crawford’s growth as a leader and how he exemplifies Bazooka’s “Own It” mentality. “Over the last 7 years, this person has grown into a great leader…His guys are always on task, and they get the job done efficiently,” one nominator stated. Another highlighted Crawford’s approach, which “shows not only pride he has in doing good work, but also owning it to ensure the entire Bazooka team wins!”

When asked what has allowed him to thrive at Bazooka, Crawford emphasized, “Working hard and getting things done. Being willing to go above and beyond what is asked and help out others.” He encourages other employees to demonstrate those behaviors to be considered for future Gamechanger awards.

Crawford finds excitement in the variety his role offers. “You’re not always doing the same thing. There’s an opportunity to work on different products and projects.” It’s that stimulating environment, along with his coworker relationships, that have kept Crawford at Bazooka over the years. “I really enjoy the people I work with.”

Outside of work, Crawford appreciates being able to spend time with his family camping, fishing, and enjoying the area’s campgrounds.

He has selected Hospice of Washington County to receive the $100 not-for-profit donation as part of his award. “I selected them because it’s a really good organization and does good for the community.”

Bazooka Farmstar is proud to have team members like Matt Crawford, who live out the company’s Bleed Bazooka value: “We work hard and own it. It’s a pride thing.” Congratulations to a well-deserved Gamechanger award recipient!

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