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Julie Glaspie: The BRING IT GAMECHANGER Delivering Exceptional Service

June 13, 2024

At Bazooka Farmstar, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team of employees who embody our core value of BRING IT: delivering exceptional service and value every day. This last quarter, we are thrilled to recognize Julie Glaspie, a buyer in our purchasing department, as the BRING IT GAMECHANGER Award recipient.

Julie has been an integral part of the Bazooka Farmstar family for five years. She joined the team in July 2019 after returning to her hometown of Washington, IA, from Alaska. What has kept her here all these years? According to Julie, it’s her work’s engaging and dynamic nature. “Each day is unique. I just can’t imagine doing something different,” she shares.

Her dedication and willingness to go above and beyond caught the attention of multiple colleagues who nominated her for this prestigious award. One nominator highlighted Julie’s exceptional service, noting how “she takes on requests from various groups and fills the request all without any grumbling or making those that make a request feel like it’s a hassle.” Another nominator commended her adaptability, describing how Julie has seamlessly taken on new tasks and additional training to acquire material handler licenses amidst recent staffing changes.

When asked how she felt upon hearing her name announced as the Gamechanger Award recipient, Julie admitted she was in “total shock” but felt immense happiness at being recognized for her efforts by her peers.

So, what is the key to Julie’s success? Her advice is simple: “Be open-minded. Don’t take it for granted. Always try to do better for yourself and the company.” She approaches each day with a positive attitude, ready to tackle whatever challenges come her way while keeping the needs of her teammates and Bazooka Farmstar at the forefront.

Julie has chosen HACAP of Washington to receive the $100 not-for-profit donation. “There are people that are hungry, and people need help. I just want to help them.”

For those considering a career at Bazooka Farmstar, Julie wholeheartedly recommends it. “The people here are your family. It’s a good place to work. You have the opportunity to improve your skills; you can grow into something more than you thought you could be.”

Congratulations to Julie on this well-deserved recognition! Her unwavering commitment to exceptional service makes her a true GAMECHANGER and an inspiration to us all.

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