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February 23, 2022


“To receive the Gamechanger Of The Year Award was, to say the least, a huge shock! I feel that there are many others in the organization that just as equally deserve the award and recognition. In my opinion, everyone that comes to work and does their job to its fullest is a gamechanger. Thanks again for choosing me for this award. The recognition and comments were and still are amazing.”

Call us biased, but Weld Lead, Ron Wright, is one of the most hard-working, humble humans you will ever meet. It is of no surprise that he was recently named our first-ever, Gamechanger of the Year. (Previously recognized as our Q3 BE SAFE award winner.) After he received this award, he thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication to the brand and bought the entire facility donuts for breakfast. Who does that? Ron does. A testament to the type of person he is.


With eight years under his belt, Ron is one of the most tenured welders on our team. He recognizes this and capitalizes on it by taking the time to teach when the opportunity presents itself (even if it is not his primary role or responsibility) without expecting anything in return. He genuinely wants Bazooka Farmstar to be the best company it can be, and produce the highest quality equipment possible for the guys putting it to work during those long hours in the spring and fall. Ron once mentioned how rewarding it is to drive by a field with yellow equipment running in it, and he takes pride in knowing he had in a hand in making it happen. This statement makes it very apparent why he approaches his work (‘BRINGING IT’ day in and day out) the way he does.

Here are a select few of those amazing comments Ron was referring to from his Bazooka family members and proof that he wholeheartedly lives out our 4 core values.

  • Ron goes well over what is expected of him. He is on the fire department in Keota and one of the top people on the first aid team at Bazooka. He works whenever he is asked even if he doesn’t want to. He has come up with many ideas to make the weld area safer and ways to make work easier with better quality.
  • Ron has always been a gamechanger. He is someone that you can always go to and learn from. His product knowledge is outstanding and his ability to teach is unmatched. I think Ron deserves the gamechanger of the year for his commitment, quality, leadership ability, and being an overall role model of how we work.
  • Ron takes the time to explain what we are building and to show you where things are. He is very helpful to everyone in the weld area. If they have questions about any of the projects, he seems to know about everything we do here.
  • He stretches to help others and makes new hires feel welcomed and valued.
  • This individual shows outstanding leadership on the shop floor and in the community. He is easy to work with, not to mention very talented in his role at Bazooka.
  • Ron is always willing and ready to help whether I have welding questions or go the extra mile by giving me rides to work when my vehicle was not cooperating.
  • Ron never cuts any corners on his work and is always looking for ways to improve our products to benefit both the workers assembling them and the quality for the customer.

We could keep going, but we digress. Ron never wavers to go above and beyond to make this workplace and our products top-notch. Please help us in congratulating Ron on a well-deserved honor.

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