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Standard Folding Tank Bar with Bar-Mounted Manifold

Upgrading the standard.

Take a resourceful approach to liquid manure injection and reduce fuel consumption and the horsepower needed to pull your Standard Folding Tank Bar vs. a traditional shank solution. This tank bar is compatible with minimal till, Phantom injection units that efficiently roll through the ground and deliver nutrients to the crops’ ideal root zone.


  • Easy to clean out clogs
  • Uniform liquid manure distribution
  • Heavy-duty construction

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Manure Tank Bar


    • Standard

      • 3/8” thick 6” x 4” steel mount tubes
      • Steel hose holders
      • Internal grease grooves throughout the design
      • Dual, counterbalance valves on wing cylinders
      • 6” flux manifold or timed bar-mounted manifold
      • 6” rear gate valve
      • Manifold lid lift assist handle
      • 6” tank to manifold plumbing
      • 3” bumblebee hose
      • Phantom 1 or 2 injection units
    • Upgrades

      • Phantom Edge Injection Units
      • Phantom 2 Hydraulic Downforce

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