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Engines & Pumps

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We offer a large variety of trusted engine and pump brands including John Deere, FPT & Cornell to ensure you and your pump unit are equipped for success.

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Engine Specifications

  • John Deere Engine Options

      • Clutch
      • Residential muffler
      • Auxiliary hydraulic power drive
      • Water sight gauge
      • Oil pressure gauge
      • Engine cover
      • Potentiometer/actuator and rocker
  • John Deere Engine Specifications

      180 2300 188
      300 2200 270
      325 2200 293
      375 2200 343
      500 2100 450
  • FPT Engine Options

      • Clutch
      • Auxiliary hydraulic power drive
      • Oil level shutdown
  • FPT Engine Specifications

      354 2100 327
      428 C-10 2100 397
      510 C-13 2100 475

Cornell Pumps

We carry a wide selection of Cornell pumps including frame and engine mounted, redi-prime, cutter, blade pumps and the MP Series featuring hardened ductile and white iron wear parts.


  • Standard

      • Replaceable wear rings
      • Bearing life to 100,000 hours or more
      • Dynamically balanced impellers
      • Heavy-walled castings
      • Replaceable shaft sleeves
      • Various mounting configurations
      • Compact design available
      • Low shaft deflection
      • High efficiency
      • High suction lift
      • Two-year warranty
      • Oversized bearings
      • Patented Cycloseal® design
      • Low cost of repair
      • Lower operating cost
      • Cutter blades


  • MP Series

    • Cornell’s MP Series pumps are specifically designed for abrasive slurry applications. Wear parts are made from either hardened ductile or white iron.

      • High operating pressure
      • Up to 9,000 GPM flow rate
      • Available in frame and engine mounted configurations
  • Redi-Prime

    • Cornell’s priming system was specifically designed with the environment in mind. By using a positive sealing float box and diaphragm vacuum pump, there is absolutely no water carry-over to contaminate the environment.

      • Fully automatic priming and re-priming
      • Environmentally safe priming system designed to prevent product leakage
      • Premium hydraulic efficiency for reduced energy consumption
  • Cutter Pumps

    • Cornell created an innovative cutter design, using a stationary
      and rotating element to reduce masses of solids to a size that
      will pass through the pump.

      • Minimal energy consumption
      • Hardened cutter material
      • Cutter blades are hardened for a long life
      • Cutter blades are shaped to minimize flow restrictions
      • Economical solution to repeated clean out expenses
      • Cutter Pump Sizes:
        • 4414T
        • 4NHTB
        • 6NHTB


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