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Dribble Toolbar

Even coverage, everytime.

Meet Bazooka’s Dribble Bar. Featuring lay flat dribble lines spaced one foot apart, you can achieve uniform liquid manure coverage across the field, every single time. It’s coverage you can count on.


  • Safely travel roadways
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Uniform distribution

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Dribble Bar


    • Standard

      • 6” z-swing arm
      • 6” Rigid Hose Connection
      • 2.5″ Bumblebee hose
      • 3″ diameter lay flat hose dribble lines
      • 3’ long lay flat hose dribble lines
      • Hydraulic main line shut-off
      • Timed manifold w/ port blockers
    • Upgrade Options

      • Pig discharge
      • 6″ Krohne Flowmeter with cables
      • 6” pipe swivel
      • 6″ hose swivel


    • 114-0000

      • 36’
      • 36 Dribble Lines on 18 Ports
    • 114-0010

      • 44’
      • 44 Dribble Lines on 22 Ports

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