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Dribble Bar 2

Get Under the Canopy with Your Manure Application

Bazooka Farmstar’s Dribble Bar 2 features serious enhancements from our original Dribble Bar. With our latest upgrades, this toolbar offers exceptional durability, precision, and efficiency, making it the perfect addition to your pumping operation. Avoid crop burn by placing the manure where you want it, right on the soil.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easier to use
  • Uniform distribution
  • Reduce crop burn
  • Reduce odor

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Dribble Bar 2


    • Standard

      • Coverage Widths: 44’ or 60′
      • Travel Width – Approximately 13’ 6”
      • Travel Length – Approximately 14’
      • Weight – Approximately 5500 lbs
      • 6″ Flux manifold
      • Rear hydraulic gate valve plumbing discharge to thoroughly purge & flush the system
      • 6” Z-swing arm with a 6” hose swivel
      • 6″ plumbing and valves
      • Hydraulic wing fold functionality
      • Y-Shaped ports with two outlets, 12″ apart
      • 3″ Bumblebee hose
      • 3” diameter, 3’ long lay flat dribble lines
      • 3-Point standard hitch and compatible with quick hitch
    • Upgrades

      • Pipe Swivel: Swing arm style changes to accommodate a pipe swivel and a hose swivel, allowing easier turning
      • Flow meter: 6” Krohne Flowmeter with [2] 24’ cables
      • 8″ Z-swing arm


  • 114-0010

    • 44′ Dribble Bar | 22 Ports | 44 Dribble Lines


As the exclusive North American supplier of Gollmer & Hummel supply and drag lay flat hoses, we’re proud to partner with this industry leader to deliver quality hose with enhanced longevity, durability and safety.

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