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3624 Crossfire Hose Reel

The largest lay flat hose reel on the market. ‘Nuff said.

It’s time to gain big productivity from the biggest reel on the market: the 3624 Crossfire. This supersized machine delivers 4.5 miles of 6″ lay flat hose or 1.5 miles of 12” lay flat hose. Because when it came to going big or going home…we went big.


  • Largest capacity hose reel on the market – Carry more hose with less equipment
  • Passive steering system makes for easy operation and maneuverability
  • Low compaction solution

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3624 Crossfire


    • Standard

      • [2] Heavy-duty Double 80 Chains & Sprockets
        • Dual chain drive is a single-speed, power on/off only
      • [6] 700 series 50-22.5 16 ply flotation tires
      • [2] Rear-facing LED flood lights
      • [3] 20,000 lb. leaf spring axles
      • Passive front and rear hydraulic steering system
      • Hydraulic brakes – direct from tractor
      • Front combo clevis hitch
      • Rear receiver hitch
      • Fenders and rear steps built into base
      • Diamond plate base covers
      • Front frame basket storage
      • 12,000 lbs. manual jack with spring-loaded foot
      • Gross weight (empty): 24,300 lbs.
      • Length: 30′ 7″
      • Width: 11′ 9″
      • Approximate Height: 13′ 6″
      • Maximum weight rating: 60,000 lbs.
    • Upgrades

      • Camera package | Includes [2] night vision cameras and 7″ in-cab monitor
      • 20,000 lbs. hydraulic jack
      • Air brakes
      • Front pintle hitch


    • 610-0000

      • 3624 Crossfire Hose Reel with Hydraulic Chain Drive
      • Dual Motor
      • Dual Heavy-Duty 80 Chain


As the exclusive North American supplier of Gollmer & Hummel supply and drag lay flat hoses, we’re proud to partner with this industry leader to deliver quality hose with enhanced longevity, durability and safety.

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