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BRING IT Spotlight: Kyle Pitlick

August 2, 2021

Doing More Than Expected

The Bring It award goes to individuals who go above and beyond during their time at Bazooka Farmstar. Eleven months into his position, weekend crew Plasma Table operator, Kyle Pitlick, has rightfully earned himself the Gamechanger #BRINGIT award!

Nominators mentioned that when the plasma table went down and others had given up on finding a solution to the problem at hand, Kyle analyzed why the issue was occurring and fixed it all by himself. He went on to develop a 3-stage approach to eliminate the program/plasma issues we were experiencing, to ensure minimal downtime if it happened again in the future. To take it a  step further, when we acquired a new plasma table several months ago that our fabrication crew was unfamiliar with, Kyle took it upon himself to become the subject matter expert by taking the manual home to conduct research  AFTER normal working hours. Kyle said, “I Bring It every day to help Bazooka Farmstar become more efficient.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Kyle said, “Being chosen as the recipient of the Bring It award was unexpected, but it was nice to be recognized.” He mentioned that he always tries to do more than is expected, doing more than what the job title and description says.”

Something unique about Kyle, is that he started his journey at Bazooka Farmstar as a welder. Within a short amount of time, he volunteered to move departments as he saw an opportunity to learn a new skill and add value to the company. He said, “One of the best parts of working here is the unlimited amount of opportunities to learn new skills. I started here as a welder; now, I am a plasma table operator.”

Although he has only been at Bazooka Farmstar for eleven months, Kyle said that he enjoys the environment and people he gets to work with every day. Being able to learn so much and take on new challenges is what he has enjoyed the most.

To Bazooka Farmstar employees, this core value is something we live out daily; Kyle stressed that this core value has a deeper meaning. “As things change and the company grows, you have to be willing to grow and change with it. I saw that they needed more help in the fabrication area. I had not used the plasma table until I saw an opportunity to learn. Standing still is not an option if you want to continue to grow.” Kyle nailed it. ‘Bringing it’ every single day is something that has been instilled in each and every one of us. It’s something you feel the minute you walk into our doors and something you take pride in when you leave at the end of the day.

While Kyle has dedicated his time to learning a new role and skill, he also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. One of the most exciting places he said he has traveled was to the Badlands in South Dakota. “There is so much to see out West; you have to take your time to enjoy it. While I enjoy what I do, sometimes it is nice to get out and see those unique places around the U.S.” Kyle nailed it again. We are firm believers that in order to be our best at work, we need to take the time we need to be our best in our personal lives as well.

Kyle has chosen Paws & More as his not-for-profit to receive the $100 Gamechanger donation. Paws & More is a local animal shelter located in Washington, IA, dedicated to finding those animals loving homes. Kyle believes that the organization is a great cause and hopes that it will help the shelter.

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