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BIGGER THAN US Spotlight: Brian Fox

January 13, 2023

Brian’s Commitment to Both His Family and Work Earns Him the BIGGER THAN US Award

At Bazooka Farmstar, we hold ourselves accountable for outstanding results in the work we do and for taking time for our family and community. Brian Fox (aka FOX, of course, because it comes with the territory when you have a last name like that) has been recognized as the 4th quarter BIGGER THAN US GAMECHANGER Award.

Fox started his journey with Bazooka Farmstar fifteen years ago when he was tired of sitting around the house when his previous employer had seasonal layoffs. After seeing a welder ad in the newspaper, he decided to apply, which was then followed by a weld test and job offer before even leaving the parking lot! During the interview, they mentioned how there would be great opportunities with the organization, which was a true statement. “I started as a welder, welding feeders, hay bars, and large bars with just a few other welders. You never knew what your next project would be. The training was hands-on and taking notes; we did what we had to do to make it happen.”

Opportunities didn’t end there. In the fifteen years Fox has been with Bazooka Farmstar, he has grown into different leadership roles and, most recently, CIP Tech. As a CIP Tech, he has had the opportunity to learn and use new skills to move Bazooka forward. “I’ve learned Creo most recently doing design of product carts and cell layout designs to help the production floor.”

Although Fox takes pride in his work and talks about his commitment to Bazooka Farmstar, nominators called out the commitment and dedication he provided to his family during his father’s courageous two-year battle with lung cancer.

When Brian heard his name called to receive the BIGGER THAN US award, he said he was surprised. “I didn’t expect it as I just show up every day and give it my best.” That is precisely why one of the nominators said Fox deserved the reward.

“He is a dedicated employee and often throws himself into whichever area or project he is needed. More often than not, his impact on a said project is felt quickly. He is a quiet contributor and not looking for glory,” said Fox’s nominator.

Brian Fox 1“BIGGER THAN US means not thinking of yourself and putting others first. That is what I did for my dad when he battled lung cancer for two years.”

This past fall, Fox’s father, Ron Fox, passed away, but it’s fair to say that he would be proud of the support Brian gave him and the continued support and accomplishments he has had at Bazooka Farmstar. “Dad is who got me into welding when he had his weld shop from 1990-2010.” I think it’s fair to say that welding and manufacturing isn’t just a job for the Fox family. It’s a family thing that is all about hard work and dedication.

Brian Fox 2

Fox said he grew up boating and camping as a kid. To this day, he still enjoys it. Fox mentioned how he and his dad took the boat out for bass fishing and went to tournaments; they even won one tournament in the mid ’90s. Those trips are memories he and his dad shared and are now memories he will undoubtedly hold onto even more when he heads out next summer.

Brian has chosen American Legion Post #29 of Washington as his not-for-profit to receive the $100 GAMECHANGER donation. “Dad was honored to serve his country [as a Sergeant for the US Army] and very patriotic. Those guys would go out in any weather to give final military honors. Respect is earned, not given, and Dad respected the flag as they respected him.” We say that is a great way to honor your dad as the BIGGER THAN US GAMECHANGER.

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