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June 23, 2023

Can you name someone who has impacted you to consider volunteering your time? We caught up with Bazooka Farmstar’s recent Bigger Than Us GAMECHANGER, Phil Minino, Director of Engineering and Product Development, and he shared his story on who impacted him to volunteer in his community!

Minino is a Nebraska native who graduated with his mechanical engineering degree and landed his first job out of school in Iowa in product development, which is his passion. When joining Bazooka Farmstar almost 11 years ago, he saw “the opportunity to help grow a company that could capitalize on more engineering experience in product development.”

Not being a Washington, IA native didn’t stop Minino from getting involved and learning about the community in which he and his family (wife, Kirsten, and their two daughters) reside. Bigger Than Us is all about making time for family and community. Nominators called out just how Minino does that for both the local community and the employees he has led during his time at Bazooka Farmstar.

Minino said, “I try hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance and want the same for my team – time to give back to the community and be with their families.  Our best work happens when the other aspects of our lives are in good shape. It’s all connected.”

A nominator shared, “Phil always asks how team members are doing inside and outside work. This is because he truly cares.”

Making an impact

Active within the local Washington Chamber of Commerce, Minino serves as board member and as a hotel-motel tax committee member. “We focus on moving projects forward that strengthen local businesses, and with the hotel-motel committee we work to boost and enhance projects that will draw people to the community, even if it’s a short visit.”

Minino noted how he was a little surprised but also proud to hear his name called for the volunteering he has done with the group. He said he decided to give his time because he “saw what a significant impact even one person’s efforts can have in the city of Washington. There are many cheerleaders in this town that are great examples of this, giving their time to make it a great place to live. I wanted to be a contributor.”

Speaking about cheerleaders, he is also his daughters’ #1 fan, as you can likely find him doing just about anything with his family when not at work. One of the family favorites is boating and water sports!

A local organization, Washington County Development Center (WCDC), is a group that provides work opportunities and promotes independent living for those with disabilities. They will receive the not-for-profit $100 donation in honor of Minino’s award. Minino said he selected them to receive the donation because “it’s so beneficial to have an organization like that serving our community.”

Want to join the GAMECHANGERs? Look at our open positions on our Careers page or fill out our pre-employment application to get started on your Bazooka Farmstar journey today!

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