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BE SAFE Spotlight: Ron Wright

July 26, 2021


“I lead by example. I do not let things slide. I react and call out if there is something wrong. We work as a team to find a safer solution.” While this individual displays each one of our core values, one, in particular, stands out. Having been at Bazooka Farmstar for eight years, Weld lead, Ron Wright, has been one to push the drive for safety since day one. His coworkers recognize this, which is why he has been identified as our #BESAFE Gamechanger award recipient this quarter.



Ron saw a recruitment ad in the local paper and decided to come to the facility and speak with our Managing Partner, Eric Hahn, and the rest is history. He has always loved to weld and he gets to do that in a safe environment every day here at Bazooka Farmstar. He mentioned that one of the best feelings is being out on the road and seeing a toolbar that he welded on in the field. Ron said, “it makes me proud to have had a hand in building a piece of equipment, and building it safely.” When he was asked how he felt about this recognition, he said, “I could not help but feel speechless and appreciative.”

With eight years under his belt, Ron is one of the most tenured welders on our team. He recognizes this and capitalizes on it by taking the time to teach when the opportunity presents itself, not only from a technical standpoint but a safety standpoint as well. The team, demand, facility, process, and products, in general, have grown substantially since Ron first stepped foot on our production floor. He said, “there have been so many changes in the time I have been here. When I first started here, there were roughly thirty-two people. Now we are at roughly one hundred and forty. We have implemented a new onboarding program (Spark Impact) and added the GAMECHANGER Recognition Program. To me, that is a lot of growth in eight years. It makes me excited to see what is in store for this company’s future.”



Being part of a fast-growing company has allowed Ron to adjust and expand his skill sets accordingly. Ron continues to be a valued source of knowledge regarding safety as he is a go-to member of our first aid team. He said, “we do not want anyone getting hurt. Not only could it affect us, but it could also affect that person and their family.” We work hard and push ourselves to the limit for our customers, but never at the expense of safety.




“This is such a self-rewarding job; everyone works well together. Spark Impact has made a huge difference. This program helps new employees learn about how the company works. They get to meet so many different people through the process that they might not get to work with on a day-to-day basis.” (Spark Impact is our new-hire integration program. The traditional method of onboarding has been pushed to the wayside. This two-day program dives into the company history, current goals and initiatives, and highlights every department’s impact within the facility, which allows for an immersive, powerful, and welcoming  experience that sets individuals up for success from the moment they walk through the doors of Bazooka Farmstar.)




Ron’s passion for the outdoors keeps him busy when he is not at work. He enjoys going fishing with his family and grandkids. Animals and wildlife have always held a special place in his heart. Ron mentioned that he and his wife Tatia have a Boston Terrier who is just like one of the kids and she often gets to be included on their outdoor adventures. For this reason, he has chosen to donate his not-for-profit Gamechanger Award donation of $100 to PAWS & More in Washington, IA.

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