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Bazooka Farmstar Assembly Lead Honored for Safety Leadership

January 24, 2024

Dustin Roberts, assembly lead for trailers at Bazooka Farmstar, as recently recognized with the company’s BE SAFE gamechanger award for his commitment to safety. Roberts has worked at Bazooka Farmstar for 2.5 years, bringing over 16 years of industry experience.

When asked about receiving the award, Roberts said he was shocked. “As they read it, I just look at it as my job ensuring my team is safe while we are doing our work, especially when we do rework or replacements that aren’t a part of the normal day routine.”

Roberts believes he received the recognition because of his daily safety talks with his team and planning ahead to mitigate risks. “Doing the safety talk every day and then as we executed the tasks, I made sure we executed it and planned ahead to keep everyone safe,” he explained.

A specific example provided by the nominators occurred last September when Roberts’ team was under pressure to deliver an Outlaw unit to a customer nearing harvest season. After an engine failure during testing, the engine had to be quickly swapped out with a slightly different one. Working outside standard procedures increases safety risks, but Roberts led his team to safely complete the engine swap within 24 hours.

Robert’s actions come as no surprise for caring for his coworkers. He previously won Bazooka’s Bigger Than Us gamechanger award in 2021 for volunteering in the paint booth to allow teammates to have time off to meet customers’ needs when there were tight deadlines. Then and now, he continues to have safety as a priority, which is what keeps him here. “I love the environment, get along great with everyone, have a great product that we build, and I am proud to say I help build that with my team.”

Receiving the $100 not-for-profit in Dustin’s name is the local animal shelter, Paws and More of Washington. “We have adopted three animals from there. I feel that it’s great to donate to them to help them out. They don’t think twice about taking in animals that don’t have a home, so this helps them out.”

Congratulations to Dustin on receiving this well-deserved recognition for putting safety first! His commitment to planning, open communication, and leading by example reflects Bazooka Farmstar’s values and priorities.

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