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BF Competitive Advantages

Selling against your competition is easy when you take price out of the equation. Sell a premium product with education and value proposition. This competitive advantages document that was presented at Dealer Days 2022, will help you accomplish this with our newer product lines.

Digital Pressure Monitor | Cut Sheet

This digital pressure monitoring (DPM) system is a low-cost solution that allows crews to safely monitor pressures at the pump.

G&H Drag Pro Hose | Cut Sheet

G&H Elite Drag Hose Benefits

If you have customers asking why the G&H Elite drag hose is better than other hoses on the market. Here are the reasons why G&H Elite wins over the competition: Durability, Visibility, and Competitive Comparision.

Standard Flex | Cut Sheet

All the high-level features you need to know about the Standard Flex Toolbar.

Wolverine Series | Time Lapse

Wolverine Series - Proof of Performance

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