Wolverine Series

Wolverine Series


The Wolverine Series agitation boat is equipped with two high-powered, articulating propellers that circulate massive amounts of liquid at a high velocity, keeping solids in suspension throughout the agitation process. 




We tend to have a go big or go home mentality. The Wolverine Series is no exception. 

The Wolverine's propellers are powered by a separate hydrostat hydraulic system from alternative machine functions for maximum efficiency and power. Each individual prop can reach flows up to 12,000+ GPM's.

The Wolverine is equipped with two 20" diameter, ragless, and fully articulating propellers. These props can be trimmed to 'zero out' in various positions when the user lets off the control joystick on the remote. Intentionally trimming the propellers in different positions enables more precise control, high directional flow, and a better handle on floating solids. #unmatched
The Wolverine's high torque drive system has earned best in class climbing status. The vigorous drive system combined with large diameter, aggressive tires make climbing out of steep banks effortless.

Crab, front, and rear steer are made possible by the double-acting steering cylinders found on the front and rear of this agitation boat. The steering linkages keep the tires in sync at all times while the boat is in operation. #Gamechanger
The Wolverine Series is always agitating. The prop-based design of this agitation solution provides extreme agility, maneuverability, and a high level of control, never at the expense of agitation.

Picture this: The magnitude of control the Wolverine Series provides allows operators to side-shift parallel to a bank while using the agi-gun to break up solid build-up without compromising the effectiveness of the agi-gun. We've said it once and we will say it again, agitation via props is a constant, even when the gun is in use like in this situation. One more perk of independent hydraulic functionality.
This machine uses zero gate valves and is comprised of only eight hydraulic cylinders, four of which, control the propellers allowing them to stay synchronized and react precisely to remote control inputs.

The Wolverine Series was designed with ease of maintenance front-of-mind. The number of moving parts has been kept to a minimum and there are a series of bolt-on components and simplistic guards integrated throughout the design that can be easily removed for repairs and cleaning. Additionally, a majority of 'wear parts', like hydraulic hoses, are kept above the surface and easily accessible to increase longevity and less downtime due to maintenance requirements.
This machine has a low center of gravity and extra flotation naturally built-in, giving it superior stability.

The lightweight, 150-gallon poly fuel tank is centrally located directly beneath the engine, so whether the tank is empty or fueled up, the boat's stability does not falter. Furthermore, the higher stance of the Wolverine Series as it hits the liquid eliminates concerns of tipping, sinking, ice build-up, etc.
This monster of an agitation boat is powered by a Perkins 7.1 liter, 302 HP tier 4 engine for next-level performance. Run 'full boar' for 10 hours at a time before refueling.
The Wolverine Series requires only 25 gallons of hydraulic oil for the entire system.

The innovative oil reservoir reduces the size and weight of the system's hydraulic oil requirements by rapidly removing suspended air from hydraulic fluid, resulting in fluid expense savings.
The Wolverine Series is operated by an Eaton Omnex remote. Because the propellers are controlled by smart cylinders, they not only stay synchronized, but they react precisely to the operator's remote inputs making the boat extremely user-intuitive.
GPS technology is a standard integration on the Wolverine Series. Dual Topcon head units enable orientation and location control of the agitation boat, with the option to run in three different modes throughout the agitation process. Set up to 8 waypoints (3-point minimum) to create a working boundary and let the Wolverine travel between 0.5-2 mph within the assigned parameters.

COVER: Also referred to as 'Roomba" mode, in cover mode, the boat randomly bounces around to cover the entire area inside the waypoint boundary.

POINT-TO-POINT: In PTP mode, the boat will move from waypoint to waypoint in sequential order, following the line between each point.

ANCHOR: This setting performs exactly as you would assume. Anchor mode allows the operator to hold the boat in a single position and orientation without actively engaging the unit. When would this come in handy? If operators want to focus prop agitation in one specific area, the boat will stay in place with anchor mode engaged. Additionally, if the front gun is being used to flood or bank wash, the props will automatically counteract thrust from the gun to keep the boat in position and pointed in the right direction.

PRO-TIP: As your crew gets the pit pumped down, remember to re-evaluate the GPS waypoints and move them closer to the center of the pit to avoid damaging pit walls and wall coverings.

All Wolverine Series agitation boats are built for the rugged environments manure pumpers face.







Don’t just take our word for it. 

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Looking for a props-only solution?


Traditionally, a pump and nozzle-based design have been the holy grail of an agitation job well done, but we’ve tested this long-time theory. Can the pump and nozzle combination come in handy in different situations, especially when it comes to problem areas above the surface and along the edges of a pit? Of course! But after testing the theory, we believe it’s not required to get the job done. It’s one of those nice-to-haves, which is why we are offering the Wolverine Series with and without a front gun. The Wolverine can destroy sand bars and other problem areas in a pit using only its aggressive tires and propellers.

See what we mean.



Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  No Bazooka Submersible Pump

  No Front Gun  


  18″ Bazooka Submersible Pump

  Front Gun  




  • Length – 21′ 4″ 
  • Width – 11′ 3″ 
  • Height – 11′ 
    • 13′ tall loaded on the trailer
  • Weight – 15,750 lbs. [filled w/ fuel and liquids]


  • [4] Goodyear tires, 23.1-26, 12 ply [68″ DIA x 24″ wide]
  • 4-wheel steering
    • Crab, front, and rear steering capabilities
  • High-torque planetary wheel drives
  • Double-acting steering cylinders 


  • Perkins 7.1 L 302 HP, Tier 4 Final
    • 15 gal/hr. fuel consumption rate at full load 


  • 150-gallon metal fuel tank 


  • [2] 20″ diameter, AR 400 steel, 5-bladed ragless propellers
  • Custom-made prop bearing housing with hardened, nickel-plated 2.25″ DIA shaft
  • Gear oil bath with quadruple lip seal arrangement 


  • Dual hydrostat Linde piston pumps
  • 20-gallon Cyclone hydraulic oil tank
    • 18 gallons are required for entire system
  • 8 hydraulic cylinders
  • 8 hydraulic valves


  • GPS technology integration
    • Up to 8 waypoints with adjustable travel speeds
    • 3 modes: cover, point-to-point, and anchor modes
  • Tech 10 engine
  • Dual-battery, Eaton Omnex remote control
    • Integrated shut-down safety and protective features


  • CAT 9L Engine [Moves 10% more liquid]
    • Weight – 17,000 lbs. [filled w/ fuel and liquids]


  • 18″ Bazooka Submersible Pump | 4,000+ GPM 
    • Dual, 6″ plumbing into a single, 8″ discharge
      • Dual-port outlets provide next-level efficiency 
    • 5-blade impeller constructed with Hardox steel 


  • 6″ pipe to high abrasion 5″ vacuum hose outlet
  • Steerable side-to-side and up-and-down


  • Length – 32′ 6″ 
  • Width – 11′ 2″ 
  • Height – 2′  
  • Weight – 7,300 lbs. 
  • Electric brakes
  • Dual tires [8 total]
  • Tandem 12K springs on 16K axles [24K total axle capacity]
  • Built-in rear ramps and storage area
  • Combo clevis hitch
    • Pintle hitch available 


  • Spreader bar
  • Lifting sling
  • Bolt-on lifting lugs
  • Anchor shackles
  • U-bolts 


  Maintenance-first design

  Efficient, propeller-based agitation solution  

  Horse-power for next-level performance

  Highly maneuverable & user-intuitive  

   Simple transport, load, & unload  


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