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Unlocking Savings: The Wolverine Agitation Boat’s Lower Total Cost of Ownership

March 28, 2024

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In liquid manure management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness reign supreme. The Wolverine agitation boat embodies this ethos, allowing farmers and custom applicators to do their work with a lower cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Let’s explore the features and design elements that contribute to the Wolverine’s affordability over its lifetime. Plus scroll to the end to hear what Wolverine owners say about their savings.

Simplified Design for Maximum Reliability

At the heart of the Wolverine’s cost-saving prowess lies its minimal complexity design. By avoiding unnecessary moving parts and components, we’ve crafted a machine that is not only robust but also inherently less prone to issues. Afterall, fewer moving parts and components means fewer potential issues.

Unlike many competitors’ agitation boats, the Wolverine eliminates cumbersome elements such as gate valves, mechanical seals, pipe swivels, and intricate wheel mechanisms. With just eight hydraulic cylinders, the Wolverine minimizes points of failure and runs on just 25 gallons of hydraulic oil for the entire system.

All hydraulic hoses and other wear parts on the Wolverine were designed to be easily accessible. So easy, in fact, that customers can rebuild their own bearing housings and perform other basic service and maintenance themselves. 

Cutting-Edge Closed-loop Hydrostat Systems

A cornerstone of the Wolverine’s low-maintenance design is in its use of high-end “closed loop” hydrostat systems for propulsion, wheel drive, and the submersible pump. These advanced systems, characterized by fewer moving parts compared to traditional open-loop counterparts, offer unparalleled precision and control while simultaneously reducing maintenance requirements. These systems translate directly into tangible cost savings over the lifespan of the machine.

New Cloud Monitoring Capabilities

Wolverine agitation boats now come with Wolverine Cloud Monitoring, allowing operators to view vital stats about their boats from anywhere. See live status updates, green light/red light details for all electrical components, voltage and values on sensors and solenoids, daily reports, operation hours, and GPS coverage maps. 

Now available on all new Wolverines. Retrofit kits are available for some existing machines.

Consistency and Accessibility of Components

From a replacement parts and quality manufacturing standpoint, the Wolverine sets the gold standard. Bazooka Farmstar prioritizes the consistency of components, ensuring seamless compatibility and ease of maintenance. 

Clear access to wear parts ensures swift replacements and servicing, minimizing downtime and associated costs. And the Wolverine features easily removable components—floats that can be detached with just a few bolts and covers that flip up and out of the way—allowing easy access for cleaning, biosecurity, and maintenance.

Plug-and-Play Electronics for Effortless Maintenance

Our commitment to user-friendly maintenance extends to the Wolverine’s plug-and-play electronics and modular wire harnesses. Unlike competitors’ models that may employ cumbersome wiring setups—which are less than ideal for mobile equipment—the Wolverine’s design facilitates easy replacement and troubleshooting.

Comprehensive Support Network

Wolverine owners can rest assured knowing that Bazooka Farmstar offers a comprehensive support network. From instructional videos and maintenance guides available online to a dedicated dealer network for service and instruction, we prioritize customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Wolverine’s purpose-built design powers performance while lowering owners’ total costs over the lifetime of the machine. While other agitation boats may require a smaller investment up front, the service and maintenance required to keep them afloat (literally) adds up quickly. In addition to parts and labor, there are also costs for being out of commission due to repairs. Wolverine customers who switched after using another brand have told us many times that they save time and money with the Wolverine. 

Come for the Design, Stay for the Savings

When Dave Eisentraut, owner of Eisentraut Ag Services, saw the Wolverine agitation boat at the Bazooka Farmstar product release event, he decided right then and there to get one. He said, “I saw the new boat and I wanted it. I was one of the first customers to have one.” 

While total cost of ownership wasn’t a factor in his initial purchase decision, he’s been happy with the Wolverine’s low maintenance costs compared to his previous agitation boat. “We went from about $65 per hour on our previous machine to under $5 per hour on the Wolverine,” he said. “Our maintenance costs with the other boats were 7-8X more than we’re running now.”

The cost savings add up quickly.

Do the Math

When you’re looking for your next agitation boat, make sure to get the full picture on ongoing maintenance costs. Don’t be fooled by a lower up-front price tag and then get bogged down by higher costs over the lifespan of the boat. 

Want to see a quote for what the Wolverine would cost you—initially and ongoing? Request a quote.


Individual experiences may vary and are dependent on routine maintenance, running conditions, experience with the machine, and other circumstances.

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