Trailer Riptide is a compact, trailer-bound agitation solution that makes transport, setup, and agitation performance a thing of beauty. This unit contains a patent pending folding feature that allows operators to work closer to the liquid manure pit to quickly and easily place the pump with full visibility from the tractor cab.  




It all starts with agitation. Get a quick and easy start on your job with the Trailer Riptide.

This vertical pit pump is equipped with a 20.5" Bazooka Farmstar Submersible Pump and can move 5,850 gallons per minute. Please consult an equipment specialist for further information on GPM capabilities and horsepower requirements.

The BF submersible pump has no mechanical seal for reduced maintenance and rings in at 34" wide. The quadruple-sealed bearing housing with a grease chamber keeps manure out of the oil bath section of the bearing housing. #lowmaintenancealert
Operate closer to the pit's pump out for easier pump placement and setup with Trailer Riptide’s compact structure and patent pending folding feature. Plus, closer proximity to the pump out provides more room for additional equipment, like semis and tanks, to pass through.
Trailer Riptide has a single PTO shaft, which provides several benefits in itself.

-It reduces the risk of downtime with fewer moving joints and no carrier bearing to maintain.

- The trailer tongue is offset, giving the operator more room to work and easier access to the PTO shaft and hook-ups.

BONUS: There is a convenient and secure PTO shaft mount built-in that eliminates the need to transport additional PTO shafts.
Riptide has a narrow profile, again, allowing easy access to the liquid manure source. The agitation nozzles fold within the width of the submersible pump when they are not being used to maximize the compactness of the design, making the pump itself the widest dimension of this agitation unit.
The width of the base of this unit is approximately 8,' giving it the stability it needs to be safely towed behind a pickup truck at highway speeds.

Plus, the width between the tires is 6.5,' allowing you to back right over most liquid manure pit openings to easily place the pump inside of them.
Are you the work smarter, not harder type? Most Trailer Riptide functions can be controlled hydraulically. Namely, the agitation nozzle(s) rotation and angle.
Trailer Riptide Selector Valves
Trailer Riptide has minimal hydraulic hook-ups to the tractor for your convenience. This is accomplished through manual selector valves that allow operators to switch between travel/fold hydraulics and pumping/agitate hydraulics with two simple push/pull knobs.

In simple terms, you will never have more than two sets of hoses going to the tractor.
Riptide Gear Box
The Riptide's lubrication pump is driven directly off the 1000 RPM, PTO gearbox output shaft. The gearbox and bearing housing use tractor hydraulic oil. #efficiency

All Trailer Riptide vertical pit pumps are built to make the job light despite its heavy-duty structure.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  Trailer Riptide Vertical Pit Pump | 8′ – 9′


  • Small 1000 PTO Shaft | 21 Spline
  • Big 1000 PTO Shaft | 20 Spline 



  • Pumping depth: 8′ – 9′
  • Submersible Pump Width: 34″ 
  • Width between the tires: 6′ 5″
  • Travel width: 8′ 
  • Weight: Approximately 3,400 lbs.
  • Single agitation nozzle with 3.5″ outlet and direction indicator 
    • Manual agitation nozzle rotation crank
    • Agitation nozzle direction indicator arrow
  • [1] 6″ Knife gate valve for the agitation nozzle
  • [1] 8″ Knife gate valve for the discharge function
  • Knife gate valve position indicator
  • Selector Valves
  • 8″ ID vertical pipe and discharge
  • 20.5″ Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump
  • 6-blade impeller with AR construction 
  • Single outlet pump housing with AR construction
  • Gearbox direct-drive lubrication pump
  • [2] 6 on 6 wheels with 225/75R15 tires
  • 5,000 lbs. manual jack
  • 3,500 lbs. rated hubs [each]
  • Discharge nipple and safety cap


  • Single agitation nozzle | Hydraulic rotation with valve bank controls
  • Dual agitation nozzles | Hydraulic rotation with valve bank controls
  • Discharge elbow | Ring lock fitting included
  • Folding rear hitch
  • Remote control | Open center tractor hydraulics
  • Remote control | Closed center tractor hydraulics 


  • Maximum flow – 5,850 GPM
  • Maximum RPM – 1,000 RPM

Consult an equipment specialist for further GPM capabilities and horsepower requirements.


  Maintenance-first design

  Compact, user-friendly 

  High-quality build and performance 

  Top-notch agitation performance  

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