3 Pt. Riptide

3 Pt. Riptide


The 3 Pt. Riptide vertical pit pump is equipped with dual, independent nozzles and vertical plumbing pipes that produce top-of-the-line liquid manure agitation performance. This agitator is built heavy-duty and can efficiently move high volumes of fluid. 




It all starts with agitation. We want to help you start on the right foot with great agitation with the Riptide.

The 3 Pt. Riptide has a narrow profile, allowing easy access to the manure source, specifically tight pit openings. The dual agitation nozzles can fold into the center of the pump when they are not being used to maximize the compactness of the design.
This vertical pit pump is equipped with an 18-inch Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump and can move 4,000+ gallons per minute at a recommended 150-180 horsepower.

The BF pump has dual outlet ports, no mechanical seal for reduced maintenance, and rings-in at 33.75 inches wide, 27 inches deep. The quadruple-sealed bearing housing with a grease chamber keeps manure out of the oil bath section of the bearing housing. #lowmaintenancealert
Order your Riptide to fit your specific needs, with the option to have a short or long hitched vertical pit pump. The hitch itself has stowable support legs that easily fold up and out of the way for an added convenience.

The dual-category, 3-point hitch pins can be flipped, making this PTO-driven pump compatible with a broad range of tractors.
The dual, independent nozzles reduce from 6" down to a 3.5" diameter outlet. The upper and lower nozzles can rotate in opposing directions to increase agitation effectiveness and keep solids in suspension throughout the agitation process. The upper nozzle also has vertical adjustment capabilities for maximum agitation efficiency.

BONUS: We've included nozzle indicators that show nozzle direction and knife gate valve positions.
Riptide has dual, 6" vertical pipes that merge into a single, 8" discharge pipe.

You've got the option to add an 8" discharge and pipe elbow to the agitation-only base model to make force-feeding, pumping, and filling tanks possible with your vertical pit pump. Operators can pivot the discharge elbow off either side of the tractor for next-level flexibility.
Riptide | Bazooka Farmstar Submersible Pump
The legs of the pump are adjustable and can be raised and lowered to accommodate varying pit depths from 8' to 9' deep.
Riptide Gear Box
The Riptide's lubrication pump is driven directly off the 1000 PTO gearbox output shaft. The gearbox and bearing housing use tractor hydraulic oil. #efficiency

All 3 Pt. Riptide vertical pit pumps are built for the rugged environments manure pumpers face.

Riptide Series Cut-Sheet






Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  8′ – 9′ 3Pt. Riptide Vertical Pit Pump | Agitation-Only

This model includes an always open, lower nozzle. (Must add discharge kit to the base model to pump out.) 


  3-Point Short Hitch

  3-Point Long Hitch

Dual-category hitch pins accommodate both CAT 2 and CAT 3, 3-Point hitches. 



  • Pumping depth – 8′ – 9′
  • Width – 33.75″
  • Weight – Approximately 2,400 lbs.
  • [1] 6″ Knife gate valve w/ upper plumbing and bolt-on blocking plate
  • Knife gate valve position indicator
  • [2] Independent Agitation Nozzles
    • One lower, one upper w/ 3.5″ outlets 
    • Agitation nozzle direction indicators
  • Dual, 6″ ID vertical pipes
  • 18″ Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump
  • 5-blade impeller with AR construction 
  • Dual, outlet pump housing with AR construction
  • Gearbox direct-drive lubrication pump
  • Attached jack stands
  • Adjustable pump stand-offs


  • Maximum flow – 4,020 GPM
  • Maximum RPM – 1,000 RPM
  • Horsepower – 150-180 recommended 
  • Large 1000 PTO drive-shaft
    • 1.75″ Diameter (20 spline)


  • Discharge conversion kit
    • 6″ Knife gate valve (For lower nozzle)
    • 8″ Knife gate valve (For single, 8″ discharge)
    • Discharge nipple and cap
    • Hydraulic hose and fittings
  • Discharge elbow 

Include these upgrades for a force-feeding, transferring, or tank filling solution. Both options are compatible with short & long hitch options. 


  Maintenance-first design

  User-friendly design 

  High-quality build 

  Reliable performance  


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