The Renegade agitation trailer makes life on (and between) the worksite easier and lets you focus your time where it matters. This agitation solution is efficient when agitating, transferring, filling tanks, or force-feeding from a liquid manure source.   



We tend to have a customer convenience state of mind. The Renegade is no exception. 

From working with the oldest tractor on the farm to using a PTO agitation pump that's been sitting around for years, a known fact amongst manure pumpers is that agitation can be a pain when you're not using your equipment to get the job done.

With the Renegade, you can focus your time where it matters. A compact trailer-bound agitation solution allows you to pull right up to the manure source with the vehicle you transport it to the site and quickly and easily maneuver the boom into the manure pit, start your engine, and let the agitation begin. So long to difficult or time-consuming site setups.

Oh, and did we mention the Renegade can run 16+ hours without refueling? #efficiency
Plain and simple, the Renegade is compact, which allows quick and convenient transport by eliminating the need to bring a tractor along. Furthermore, the manure injection process begins with agitation, why not get things in motion while the rest of the fleet is on its way?
Renegade Agitation Trailer
The triple-fold construction of the boom 29' boom (14' below-grade pumping depth) allows for extreme control and flexibility when agitating/pumping from any pump-out or manure source. The Renegade's first section of the boom extends further than the last two, allowing the operator to easily manipulate and place the pump precisely where it needs to go. >> Keep scrolling for a better visual demonstrating maximum pumping depth, reach, and height.
The first and most important step of the manure injection process is agitation. The Renegade comes standard with a robust 15" Bazooka submersible pump, 125 CC hydrostat motor, and 173 HP JD engine combination that will reliably and consistently help you achieve up to 2900 GPM throughout the agitation process.

The pump has two agitation nozzles that can be turned on and off and rotated 180° independently of one another for maximum solid circulation.
Renegade LED Upgrade Option
In case the standard offering doesn't meet your expectations, we've provided some upgrade options that will take this agitation trailer to a Cadillac® status.

• Your crew won't miss a beat, even in the dead of night, with the optional LED floodlighting halo. The halo incorporates 6 lights for 360° coverage around the trailer.

• Enhance the 125 CC to a 180 CC hydrostat motor to get even more power out of your 15" Bazooka submersible pump and achieve up to 3500 GPM.

• Interested in reading your flow, specifically being produced by your Renegade? Not a problem. Equip your trailer with an 8" flowmeter that comes with 8" plumbing and the proper HSG connections.

• Who doesn't love remote control anything these days? Your Renegade is no exception. We offer remotes that control the boom, agitation nozzles, and fill functions. BONUS: You can buy an additional remote control fob that controls the fill function only. This is great for tank crews.
Renegade Loadstand Option
The loadstand boom option takes the 40' portable loadstand out of the equation for easier travel between job sites and an easier setup once on site. Plus, the boom integration keeps farms safe, by reducing the amount of equipment custom applicators need to get the job done.

The hydraulic pump boom remote also controls loadstand boom functionality for easy and precise placement of the fill pipe. 
Furthermore, every tractor/truck driver can control pump GPM with their own handheld remote control fob. - You heard that right, there is no limit to the number of fobs that can be connected to the Renegade. - The remote fobs include push-button speed changes, so operators can truly "top off" their tanks and maximize each trip to and from the field.    






Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  15″ Bazooka Submersible Pump

  125 CC Hydrostat Motor 

  29′ Triple Section Boom 




  • Length – 21′ 10″ 
  • Width – 8′
  • Deck Height – 2′ 11″ 
  • Overall Height – Approx. 11′
  • Weight [Bumper Pull] – 11,350 lbs. [not including fuel]
  • Tongue Weight [Estimated] – 1,200 lbs. Full | 700 lbs. Empty


  • 173 HP Engine | Tier 3 6.8 L JD
  • [2] 3.5” Diameter Agitation Nozzles
  • Manual Agitation and Boom Controls
  • [2] Hydraulic Rear Outriggers
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • 20-Gallon Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • High-Capacity Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Boom Cylinders w/ Counterbalance Valves
  • Hydrostatic Piston Pump [100cc Variable Displacement up to 5100 PSI]
  • 8” Steel Plumbing w/ 2 Hose Connection Positions
    • 90° Discharge Elbow Included
  • Single, 12,000 LB. Spring Leaf Axle
  • 150-Gallon Steel Fuel Tank
  • DOT Trailer Lighting
  • LED Flood Lighting
    • [3] on Boom
    • [2] on Engine
    • [1] LED Spotlight on Rear Engine Controls
  • 13 Sq. Ft. Front Basket Built-In Storage
  • Manual 10,000 LB. Front Jack


  • 10″ Integrated Loadstand
    • Maximum Fill Height | 15′ 6″
    • Maximum Reach Off the Passenger Side | 15′
  • 180 CC Hydrostat Motor | Up to 3500 GPM 
  • 360° Flood Light Halo [6] LED Flood Lights Included
  • 8″ Flowmeter and Plumbing
  • Remote Control Functionality  
    • Fill Remote Fobs 
  • Boom Remote Replacement 

Renegade Loadstand Boom Specs

Bazooka Submersible Pump





Every custom manure applicator knows the tractor set aside for the agitation pump is the oldest, most outdated tractor on the farm. The Renegade has allowed my crew to eliminate the headaches that come along with dealing with a tractor at the agitation site altogether. It has also decreased the amount of time it takes us to set up and travel from job to job. The Renegade is compact enough to pull behind my truck at 65 MPH, and I can drive right up next to the manure source and get to work quickly. Agitation and pump performance has been top-notch, and I can fill tanks faster than I can with my alternative solutions.

Ryan McClure | McClure Custom Pumping, LLC. Kirkwood, IL






  Customer-Centric Solution

  Highly Maneuverable  

  Compact for Simple Transport

Questions? Want to see the Renegade in action? Know it’s a fit for your operation? 




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