In a market full of high rate solutions, we’ve designed a solution that puts a large volume of liquid manure in the ground (2.5 – 20K+), and in an environmentally acceptable fashion. The next-generation Phantom injection unit is similar in look and design, with enhancements that provide a new competitive Edge to the marketplace.


The Phantom Edge Series can accommodate high and low gallon per acre customer demands, allowing end-users to do it all with one tool. And on that note, see what one of our end-users had to say about it

Each Phantom Edge unit moves independently of one another, allowing thorough coverage of various field conditions. Whether you're running on rocky terrain, corn trash, bean stubble, hay ground, or cover crops, the Phantom Edge Series performs at a high (gallon per acre) level.
If you've ever owned a tank or toolbar with Phantom injection units, you know the drill. (And just how quick it is.) The Phantom design from its initial introduction to the marketplace has been praised for its simplicity and painlessness from an upkeep standpoint. The Edge Series is no exception.
New to the Edge Series is a serrated and concave, 22" diameter main blade. This enhancement increased ground penetration in harder-than-usual ground conditions and provides the ability to cut a larger 'trench' to hold higher volumes of manure.
Another Edge Series definitive is a notched and concave, 18" diameter closure blade that has been placed on a strengthened and repositioned closure arm. The new set-up rolls the dirt back over the 'trench' for thorough coverage.
Although the original intent of this design was to achieve high-gallon per acre demands, which it successfully does, as we've tested we've realized the unit performs just as well at lower rates.

Transparency moment, the Phantom Edge unit does create more ground disturbance than the original while at the same time, creating less disturbance than a traditional, high rate injection solution.
Phantom Edge Series units are compatible with both tank and toolbar applications.

The units are retrofittable to existing tank and toolbars equipped with the original Phantom unit.

Each Phantom Edge Series unit is built to the Bazooka Farmstar, heavy-duty standard.  






Applications displayed below are 20,000 GPA.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  • Spacing options:
    • 16″
    • 18″
    • 20″
    • 24″
    • 30″
  • Serrated and concave main blade | 22″ diameter
  • Notched, concave closure blade | 18″ diameter
  • 6° closure arm
  • Depth gauge wheel and cover plate
  • Nickel-plated mount pin w/ hardened steel bushings
  • Quick-change hub and spindle
  • Heavy-duty hub mount and bearings 


  • Retrofit kit
    Upgrades the original Phantom unit to the Edge Series design

    • Call for 4.5° tank bar mount requests


  Rated for 2.5 – 20K+ GPA 

  Performs in hard ground conditions

  Even distribution results in reduced streaking 

  Narrow spacing accommodations

 Low maintenance design 

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