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Hay Bar 1

Extend your pumping season.

Top dress with liquid manure to accelerate the growth of hay crops, or apply now and incorporate later. The Top Kick Hay Bar provides a quick and consistent liquid manure application to standing or cover crops.


  • Uniform distribution
  • Quick and easy application
  • Great for your bottom line

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Top Kick Hay Bar 1- 45 ft


  • Standard

    • All Models

      • 3″ Bumblebee hose
      • Hydraulic main line shut-off
      • 6” Z-swing arm
      • 6” Rigid hose connection
      • Painted steel splash pans
    • 30’ Model-Only

      • Hydraulic manifold w/o port blockers
    • 50’ Model-Only

      • Dual, hinge folding wings
      • Timed manifold w/ port blockers
      • 90° Sweeping T-tube within the toolbar’s central plumbing
  • Upgrade Options

    • All Models

      • Pig discharge
      • 6″ Krohne Flowmeter with cable
      • 6” hose swivel
      • Timed Manifold w/ port blockers (30ft bar upgrade. Standard on 50ft)
      • 6” Swing Arm
      • Painted Hooded Splash Pans
      • Stainless Hooded Splash Pans
    • 50’ Model Only

      • 6” Swing arm with Pipe Swivel and Hose Swivel
      • 6″ Swing Arm with Pipe Swivel, Hose Swivel, and Pig Discharge


    • 111-0010

      • 30’
      • 35’ Coverage Width with 6 Splash Pans
    • 111-0030

      • 50’
      • 55’ Coverage Width with 12 Splash Pans


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