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Quantum Drive Series

Move hose at record speed

The Quantum Drive System is the only 3-speed hydraulic control on the market, earning its name as the fastest rated controlled freewheel, hydraulic wind and unwind.


  • Reduces set up and tear down time
  • Accomplish more in less time

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Keepin' It Reel


    • Standard

      • All weather, in-cab controller that uses LED feedback lights to indicated mode, speed, and brake at all times.
      • Required hydraulics for the Eclipse (2416) and 2012 Hose Reels is 50-60 GPM.
      • Required hydraulics for the 1810 Hose Reel is 30-60 GPM.
    • Options

      • Control the Quantum Drive System from outside of your tractor cab with the new wireless remote.
        • Wind
        • Unwind
        • Freewheel
        • Pivoting control (1810)
        • Level wind control (2416 & 2012)


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