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Phantom 1 Injection Unit

Precise and powerful liquid manure injection.

The Phantom 1 Injector is an innovative liquid manure injector that treads so precisely in the field, it practically leaves no trace. With no additional tillage required, it delivers minimal soil disturbance while boasting maximum performance. These 7-horsepower units achieve consistent nutrient coverage throughout the field with precise nutrient injection, placing liquid manure 4″-6″ below grade. It’s environmentally smart. It’s extremely precise. It’s ready to get to work.


  • Low soil disturbance
  • Improved useful life
  • Eliminates clogging
  • Reduced streaking throughout the field
  • Higher application rates
  • Even nutrient coverage
  • Precise nutrient placement
  • Phantom Edge Upgrade for 20,000+ GPA
  • The spacing of our Phantom 1 Units provide an advantage of their own

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    • Standard

      • Spacing options:
        • 16″ Toolbars-only
        • 18″ Toolbars-only
        • 20″ Toolbars/ Tank Bars
        • 24″ Toolbars / Tank Bars
        • 30″ Toolbars / Tank Bars
      • 4” – 6″ running depth
      • 6° unit angle – Recommended for Toolbars
      • 4.5° unit angle – Recommended for Tank Bars
      • Wavy, main coulter blade | 22″ diameter
      • Wavy, closure blade | 17″ diameter
      • Depth gauge wheel and cover plate
      • Mounting plate
      • Mild steel main arm
      • Cast ductile iron closure mount and arm
      • Nickel-plated mount pin w/ hardened steel bushings
      • Bolt-in main hub and spindle
      • Adjustable closure blade angle
      • Adjustable down-force spring
      • 3” drop tube
      • U-bolts
      • Assembly hardware
    • Upgrade Options

      • Bolt-on closure spring mount plate
      • Phantom Edge upgrade
        • Retrofit kit: Upgrading the original Phantom unit to the Phantom Edge design, includes:
          • Opener blade
          • Closure blade
          • Closure arm


Bazooka Farmstar works with a network of dealers across the country, ready to help you find the manure equipment you need for your operation. Find one in your local area for your equipment and service needs.

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