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3-Point – 6” & 10” Hose Reel

Save time, save hose.

The 3-Point mounted hose reel was designed to save you time by allowing you to reposition your drag hose for the next field without the hassle of reconnecting a larger hose reel to a tractor to get the job done. It’s efficiency at its finest.


  • Simple maneuverability
  • Convenience factor
  • Time saver
  • Easy transport

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3-Point - 6” & 10”


    • Standard

      • Adjustable legs
        • Provides clearance while winding hose and stability while the hose/hose reel are in storage between jobs or seasons.
      • Hydraulic chain drive


    • 609-0000

      • 3-Point Hose Reel
      • Holds [2] 6” hoses
    • 609-0010

      • 3-Point Hose Reel
      • Holds [4] 6” hoses
    • 609-0020

      • 3-Point Hose Reel
      • Holds [2] 10” hoses


As the exclusive North American supplier of Gollmer & Hummel supply and drag lay flat hoses, we’re proud to partner with this industry leader to deliver quality hose with enhanced longevity, durability and safety.

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