Because you can’t be in multiple places at once, this makes change on the go a thing of beauty. This electronic pump control system provides real-time pump monitoring for off-site pump management.

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Take advantage of our NEXUS trade-in rebate program before Spring pumping season!


Upgrade your service and connectivity today by taking advantage of NEXUS manufacturer’s trade-in rebate. Turn in your new or used LightSpeed panel and receive $9,000 off NEXUS!


We will even send a technician to install NEXUS 4G pump control technology onto your main or booster pump & make sure it’s fully integrated into your operations set-up.  


What are you waiting for? Make the SWITCH today! 


Operate your pumps remotely with this user friendly, intuitive interface from your cell phone or tablet or switch from auto to manual mode in the push of a button when you prefer the operator at the pump to be in full control. Simply put, you’re in control.

Maintain set intake and discharge pressure targets while running, reducing the complexity to run multiple engines.
Pump Unit Plumbing Options with Nexus Controls
Safeguard your pumps from the dreaded cavitation.
• End-user account information
• Crew creation
• Engine set-ups
• Auto-control your integrated hydrostat
force feeder
The engine control panel display screen gives operators valuable, real-time information about each pump including, but not limited to:

• Engine RPM

• Engine temperature

• Oil pressure

• Suction pressure

• Discharge pressure

• Battery voltage

• Flow rate (if an additional flowmeter is added)

Engine codes will alert you with a yellow caution sign or red stop sign to indicate engine errors or warnings.
If you've got an internet connection, you can pump from virtually anywhere with any of the following browsers:


• Google Chrome

• Firefox

• Safari

• Internet Explorer


• IOS iPhone and iPad

• Android devices

• Windows devices

• Start and stop - These buttons start and stop each pump individually

• Run all pumps - Predetermine a target RPM for each pump, then push this button to gradually bring all pumps to their corresponding targets

• Idle all pumps - Bring all pumps in line to an idle

• Stop all pumps - For non-emergent issues, this button will gradually bring all pumps down to an idle before shutting them down
Emergency shutdown - Safety feature with the ability to shut down all pumps with one button

• Suction pressure - Prevent cavitation in your pump by monitoring your suction pressure

• Discharge pressure - Prevent your hose from blowing and causing a safety concern for your business

• Oil pressure/coolant temperature - Monitor your oil pressure and coolant temperature to prevent failures

• Increase/decrease RPMs in increments - Set an incremental increase or decrease to easily adjust your RPMs with one button

• Flow rate - Monitor your flow rate from the pump with the addition of a Krohne Flowmeter

• Control hydraulic gate valves remotely

Our NEXUS technology is convenient, just like getting connected with our trained NEXUS technicians you can reach at any hour of the day at 800.775.7448.


The dashboard has essential information that allows us to make on the go changes in the field to match our nutrient management plan needs.  

Stephanie Nault, VTC Herd Manager of Vermont Technical College | Randolph, VT

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  • Manual/auto control button
  • Wika pressure sensors
  • Reception antennas


  • Pit depth sensor 
  • Fuel level sensor


  Real-time monitoring

  Quick start up and shut down

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