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BRING IT Spotlight: Tyson Smith

October 25, 2021

Providing Exceptional Service

To “Bring It” means you deliver exceptional service and value every day. Standing still is not an option.

Engine Controls Engineer, Tyson Smith, has gone above and beyond in his role to ensure end-users are always up and running, no matter where they are or what time of the day he receives a call. His extreme dedication to the Bazooka Farmstar brand is one of the many reasons why Tyson is our Q3 #BRINGIT Gamechanger award recipient.

One nominator stated how amazed they are at how quickly Tyson addresses requests, as he oversees Nexus (our engine control software) for every end-user. They also noted that he once made a round trip from Iowa to New York to Pennsylvania to assist and teach the rewiring process of a Full Throttle Series Outlaw Trailer and Infinity Series Boom Truck. The team attempted to tackle the project over the phone at first, but Tyson decided it was best to be more hands-on, and away he went!

Tyson works hard to develop solutions that help industry players stay safe and be more efficient in the work that they do. His most recent development, (Digital Pressure Monitoring (DPM) System) is a solution that enables crews to safely monitor pressures at the pump from a distance. Be on the lookout for more updates as Tyson has been busy working on new developments and panel capabilities to enhance our current Nexus software.

Another nominator told the story of when Tyson packed up his kids for a weekend and took them on a service call with him to the east coast and made a mini-vacation out of it. He viewed this ‘work’ assignment as an opportunity to show his little family what he is so passionate about, the customers he gets to work with, and the perfect excuse to enjoy some top-notch cuisine along the route. This is a testament to Tyson’s dedication to not only his Bazooka family but his immediate family, as this is not the only instance that he’s done something of the sort. With a positive attitude, he makes himself available when it may not be convenient.

Tyson has been with us for three and a half years and said he was very surprised when his name was announced as the #BRINGIT award recipient. However, he feels like he’s worked hard to receive it. (We agree.) “Out of all four of our core values, I think this is the most fitting for me. I spend a lot of time traveling; it allows me to see and spend time with our customers to determine how we can better help them and what’s next for the future of our engine control technology.”

Tyson said, “Being part of a team that cares for you as a human makes all the difference when I go to see customers at the drop of a hat. We communicate and have trust in each other to do our jobs, and that’s why I enjoy coming to work for Bazooka Farmstar.” Although Tyson spends a lot of time traveling and providing service to others for work, he also lives out not standing still in his personal life outside the office. He stays busy by spending time with his kids, going to dirt tracks, NASCAR races, and camping. (Wildcat Den State Park is one of his favorites.)

Tyson has selected Paws & More as his not-for-profit to receive his $100 Gamechanger donation. Paws & More is a local animal shelter located in Washington, IA, dedicated to finding animals loving homes. While Tyson does not have any pets, he believes that animals should be taken care of, and this donation will help the shelter do just that.

The Bazooka family is happy to see Tyson as the recipient of the #BRINGIT Gamechanger award as we whole-heartedly feel he deserves it for all the reasons we’ve stated and more. “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Don Alden Adams

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