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Submersible Pump Increases Up-Time and Improves Efficiency

February 28, 2023

Efficient. Reliable. Low Maintenance.

The Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump is the definition of low-maintenance and high performance. We listened to our customers who wanted a high-flow submersible pump for their manure agitation and pumping equipment with minimal maintenance and a simple design. We answered with our own line of submersible pumps that have efficiency and user convenience top-of-mind.

Mantis Submersible Pump
Bazooka Farmstar Submersible Pump on Mantis Lagoon Stick

Why is it the definition of low-maintenance and easy to use? The Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump is built using a heavy-duty bearing housing with a dual-sealed grease chamber separating the impeller and manure from the oil bath bearing chamber. The housing includes a nickel-plated shaft for corrosion resistance and no mechanical seals, all adding up to a long useful life and low-cost replacement parts. Our pumps have a 4-bolt, quick-access suction cover, so the impeller and outlet pipes are easily maintained.

The Bazooka Farmstar submersible pump comes standard on the following pump unit and agitation solutions we manufacture:

Submersible Pump Specs by Product

  • Renegade Agitation Trailer
    • 15″ fabricated pump (cut and welded in-house)
    • Abrasive Resistant Steel (AR 400) housing and impeller
    • Straight vane impeller
    • Dual 6″ outlet
  • Riptide Vertical Pit Pump
    • 20.5″ fabricated pump (cut and welded in-house)
    • Abrasive Resistant Steel (AR 400) housing and impeller
    • Curved vane impeller
    • Single 8″ outlet
  • Wolverine Agitation Boat, Outlaw Force-Feed Trailer, Infinity Boom Truck, Mantis Lagoon Stick 10″
    • 18″ white iron pump
    • Hardox 600 Steel Impeller
    • Straight vane impeller
    • Dual 6″ outlets
  • Mantis Lagoon Stick 12″
    • Cast 21″ pump
    • Hardox 600 Steel housing
    • Straight vane impeller
    • Dual 8″ outlets

If you know the Bazooka Farmstar brand, you know we emphasize providing top-notch service to our end-users through our strategic dealer network and in-house service team. Our team understands timeliness is critical, especially in the midst of pumping season. No manufacturer hopes or anticipates their equipment having issues, but the fact of the matter is, sh*t happens.

Our team of engineers and equipment specialists has been testing Bazooka Farmstar submersible pumps on a broad range of equipment and with a wide variety of end-users throughout the last several pumping seasons. Between test data gathered and listening to end-user feedback, we’re are confident we’ve produced an overall simplified pump assembly that is extremely reliable with minimal maintenance.

Full Throttle Outlaw
Full Throttle Series Outlaw featuring an 18″ Bazooka Submersible Pump


Trailer Riptide
Riptide Vertical Pit Pump featuring an 20.5″ Bazooka Submersible Pump

And there you have it, the Bazooka submersible pump series. Contact us to learn more!

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