1,000 Gallon Fuel Capacity

August 31, 2018

It’s All About Perspective.

Run for 24+ hours, or take advantage of the massive fuel capacity to save time filling other equipment along the line. 
No matter your tactic, you’re winning.

We’ve recently rolled out the latest extension to the Full Throttle Booster Trailer line. If you haven’t already, meet the 1,000 Gallon Full Throttle. This trailer has been created to accommodate the largest engine, pump, and plumbing combinations in our line-up.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

This Full Throttle model features 700+ HP engines, and when we say plus, we mean it. The first 1,000 Gallon on the market has been turned up to 850 HP. These engines drive a Cornell 81022MP pump with 10” intake and 8” discharge, making it capable of handling solids up to 4”. We’ve provided the option to protect your investment in the frame mounted hood that allows the integration of LED lighting, NEXUS control/antenna, and other hydraulic components.

The larger pump this trailer accommodates can be configured with various plumbing and hydraulic options, including but not limited to, simple intake & discharge, pig launcher clean outs, a fully loaded bypass, and a hydrostat wet kit.

The new, 1,000 gallon capacity fuel tank with a baffles and sump area to maximize fuel usage and arched top for water shed and easy cleaning defines convenient and efficient. With the capability to run 24+ consecutive hours, you’ll be able to extend your run times without the need to refuel.

This trailer comes standard with super single tires, with the option to upgrade to 550/45 flotations. Flotation tires lessen the footprint you leave in the field and allow you to maneuver your equipment in wetter conditions. This trailer is equipped with two heavy wall tandem spring axles for a total capacity of 30,000 lbs.

Bottom line, with more fuel you can be more efficient.

If you missed it at the 2018 North American Manure Expo, catch it here.

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