It’s Automatic. It’s Systematic.
Well, It’s Grease Lines.

Bazooka Farmstar said “sayonara” to it’s first 50’ Titan with an automated grease bank system as it hits the fields of Northern Iowa. This system has been integrated to save operators time on maintenance and to prevent the need for premature part replacements.

The grease bank system delivers lubricant to various grease points throughout the toolbar on a timed setting. The Phantom main pins, front parallel links, life cylinders, double pivot, and float hinges are among the list of grease points the automated system covers.

If your toolbar is working, so is the grease bank. The unit is powered by and wired directly to the toolbar. Flow settings of the system can be easily changed via a dial on the front of the unit. Float settings range from 0-9, discharging grease continuously or delaying the discharge as long as 36 minutes.

The grease bank system is convenient to refill, as there is one line located on the pig discharge that restocks the main unit with lubricant.

Bazooka Farmstar continually strives to make customers lives easier and the manure handling process more efficient.

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