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Case Study: Titan Series

When you think Titan Series, think convenience. The Titan Series Coulter Till Toolbar incorporates various innovative features making manure injection easier than ever before.

The Titan Series Coulter Till Toolbar has the ability to make full in ground turns while the units continue to inject manure, reducing turn-around time at the end of the field. The Titan’s effortless, precision turns diminish pooling, putting our toolbar at the top of its class. Its’ high capacity flotation tires, speed rated at 25 MPH with 11,000 pounds, reduces drag through the field while minimizing compaction by adjusting to terrain variation.

The Titan incorporates remote controlled hydraulic valves that operate several product attributes. The remote maneuvers the folding wings open to a width of 36-45 feet, and closed to a narrow folded travel width of 12 feet. The narrow frame of the Titan allows for high visibility of the coulter till units from the cab of the tractor. Likewise, the tongue lock is engaged via remote, as well as the pig discharge and main-line shut off features.

Again, think convenience. On our Titan Coulter Till Toolbar, the pig discharge has been relocated to the rear of the toolbar (Opposed to underneath) to allow for a cleaner discharge. Furthermore, the low mount manifold has been moved lower and further rearward to generate safe and favorable access for cleaning.

Additional Features

LENGTHS | 36’ – 45’         SPACINGS | 20” – 24” – 30”

  • The front folding swing arm folds to the length of the toolbar from an overall length of 40 feet to 30 feet for added safety.
  • Nickel plated pins and spindles provide extreme corrosion resistance for reliability and low maintenance.
  • Heavy Duty hubs and spindles: 40,000 pounds of total hub and spindle capacity with 10 bolt hubs on center tires.