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Case Study: Pivoting Tank Bar

The Pivoting Tank Bar was crafted to allow manure injection units to perform at their optimal level and “pivot” through slight curves and contours of the field; making the bar ideal for any operator working in unfavorable field conditions. It’s innovation has decreased the horsepower demanded to haul the tank through winding terrain and has allowed overloading conditions on coulter till units, tank bars, and tanks to be minimized.

Accessible Low Mount Manifold

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Pivoting Tank Bar is its low mount manifold. Our manifold’s location on the tank gives it an edge over the standard, hard to reach manifold, typically located toward the top of the tank. The low placement of our manifold makes access from the ground possible and convenient. Along with its easy accessibility, our manifold holds the benefit of added ports. The low manifold allows up to 12 ports which allows for better coverage.

Self-Returning Advantage

The previous bar was limited to 6 units in width and due to its inability to self-center, the wings carried the potential to fold up and hit the tank. To prevent damage and routine maintenance, a 1500 lb. spring has been placed between the tank-mount and center section allowing for a self-returning toolbar.

Durable Build

Our bars are equipped with heavy duty ½” thick tank mount tubes and center section pivoting tubes, along with 3/8th thick wings and counter mount tubes.

The bar is available in 8-12 row units with 24 to 30” spacing between coulters.

The easily accessible & curved terrain friendly, Pivoting Tank Bar.