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Case Study: Competitor Series

The Competitor Series Brillion Shank Toolbar

Notorious Bazooka Quality; Modified Initial Investment.

The Competitor Series Brillion Shank Toolbar holds the structural reliability of our standard Dietrich Toolbar, yet provides a lower cost solution for start-up owners and operators, as well as, small scale manure handling operations. This low cost solution was achieved through the idea of a low priced base model, while providing several upgrades that are used in the construction of our standard Dietrich Toolbar. The Competitor Series base model is easy to operate with its low cost manifold, absence of hydraulics, and simplified Z-swing arm.

We Offer Flexibility.

The Competitor Series is available in 15’ to 25’ models with 24” to 30” spacing between shanks. In addition to the toolbar’s standard features, we offer several upgrades including:

  • Double Pivot
  • Slug/Pig Discharge
  • Farmstar Manifold
  • Main Line Shut-Off
  • Bumble Bee Drop Tube Hose
  • Dietrich Shanks
  • Gauge Wheels
  • 6” Krohne Flowmeter

We cater to any number or combination of upgradable requests to ensure our customers are presented with an end product specific to their needs.

The Competitor Series allows our customers to receive the benefits of the Bazooka Farmstar name, at a competitive price.