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Case Study: 45′ Toolbar

The 45’ Coulter Till Pull Type toolbar was designed to cover more acres in less time. The time constraints of completing a field and moving onto the next was our ultimate focus when designing this bar. Below are just a few additional design features we focused on during development.

Low rates, High gallons

We had customer who wanted to apply low rates of 3,000-5,000 GPA at high gallons per minute. By lengthening the bar to 45’ the operator is able to drive at a slower speed which benefits both the toolbar and drag hose by increasing their working life. For example, our customer is applying 3,000 GPA at 1,200 GPM. With a 35’ toolbar, he will be moving at 5.6 MPH. With a 45’ toolbar, he will slow down to 4.4 MPH.

Heavy duty construction

With a toolbar this big, we made it heavy duty all around with 1/2” wall center section tubes, 3/8” wall wing tubes, tie plates between tubes for higher strength, and heavy duty wing hinges.


Double folding hydraulic wings were designed for easy transportation on and off the field. Tractor horsepower requirements are considerably lower than what is needed for pulling a toolbar with shanks or sweeps.