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Case Study: Coulter Till

The Coulter Till was developed by a custom applicator out of Greencastle, Indiana looking to better satisfy his customers’ needs using a no-till injection toolbar. Lower rates, minimized odor, and less ground disturbance were among his customers’ demands.

Jeff Redick has been a custom applicator for many years and realized that the market was in need of a change. Custom applicators in his area were frustrated with similar difficulties that effected efficiency and productivity, such as plugging, maintenance, and downtime just to name a few. He spent 3 years designing a method that would better satisfy his customers.

The interest of the rolling Coulter unit took off faster than Redick had imagined. By the Fall of 2012, Bazooka Farmstar was manufacturing the Coulter Till and continued to perfect the design as environmental conditions and situations continue to change. Bazooka Farmstar designed a toolbar and tank bar specifically for the Coulter Till that is heavy duty with extra supports resulting in durability and longevity.