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High Performance Package

For the Titan Series.

The first-to-market, front folding manure injection toolbar was released by Bazooka Farmstar at the 2015 World Pork Expo. Fast forward 3 years and we give you the High Performance package for the Titan Series, that has been designed:

For More Up-Time

Flux Manifold | This newly, redesigned manifold allows for more up-time with it’s anti-clog technology. The Flux Manifold has a hydraulic pig dump gate valve that is controlled from the cab of the tractor, which allows the operator to flush build-up out of the bowl while continuing to pump. This eliminates the nuisance of shutting down when trash from the pit blocks the manifold’s outputs. The same even flow of our Timed Manifold can be expected of the Flux Manifold, and then some, as the integration of larger impeller pumps makes higher flow rates achievable.

For Reduced Compaction

Flotation Gauge Wheels | The addition of these high performance tires to the outer wing of the toolbar, reduces compaction and makes pumping in wetter conditions possible.

For Better Flow & Wear Resistance

Sweeping 90s | The Titan’s swing arm has been redesigned with 90 degrees fewer bends and sweeping pipe elblows to increase your flow. The sweeping 90s will reduce internal wear of steel plumbing components from heavy sand and lower maintenance demands.

For a Lower Maintenance Design 

Automated Grease Lines | This grease system has been integrated to save operators time on maintenance and to prevent the need for premature part replacements. The grease bank system delivers lubricant to various grease points throughout the toolbar on a timed setting. The Phantom main pins, front parallel links, lift cylinders, double pivot, and float hinges are among the list of grease points the automated system covers.

The High Performance Package for the Titan Series is compatible with 6″ or 8″ plumbing.