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Infinity Series

The new-to-the-market, triple fold Infinity Boom Truck Series incorporates innovative features that make pumping manure efficient and convenient.

Not only is the Infinity Series the only triple fold, force feeding boom truck on the market, but it leads the industry in reach, pumping capacity and performance in hard to access confinement pits, slurry storage and deep lagoons.


65′ – 80′


The Infinity Series is hydrostatically driven and all system functions can be operated from a centralized location with “cockpit” style controls and a remote control option, making operation of the truck convenient and safe for the user.

  • Custom boom cylinders are hard plumbed to locking valves for a professional level of safety and fail-safe operation
  • Equipped with a hydrostat piston pump submersible
    • Knob controlled (forward & backward) with visual pressure gauges, high temperature and filter warning lights
  • Aux hydraulics include:
    • 4 boom controls | 4 outrigger controls | 2 gate valve controls
    • High capacity hydraulic oil cooler separate from engine radiator 

Submersible Pump

Achieve 3,000 – 3,500 GPM with your choice of a 15″ or 17″ Nuhn submersible header pump. 

*Let our sales representative’s help you find the best fit for your operation. 


The Infinity Series is an 8″ hard plumbed boom system that is built with durable materials to prevent premature wear and corrosion as well as minimize maintenance obligations.

  • Stainless steel elbows and swivels for longevity 
  • Straights are constructed of heavy wall HDPE for low weight and wear resistance 
  • A 5′ section of rubber hose is integrated near intake for easy clean out and/or pump feeding
  • An 8″ pig launcher with a chained cap for safety is located toward the front of the truck deck 
  • Includes Pintle hitch or Ag-7 draw bar for pulling a hose reel or booster pump trailer

Truck Requirements

  • Heavy duty front axle (12,500 lb. minimum capacity)
  • Double frame rail construction
  • Rear tandems need to support 25,000 lbs. at minimum
  • Requires 175″ from center of tandems to rearmost point of cab/exhaust stacks
  • Frame needs to extend 7′ behind tandem

*Call to confirm prior to purchasing truck.