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We offer a variety of products that make your job easier and more efficient for both dragline and tank applications.

PTO Booster Pump

The PTO Booster Pump is a portable pump that can be placed between two sections of hose to maintain the desired amount of pressure to the injection toolbar, which ensures even distribution of manure. It is ideal for larger fields and longer distances of hose, where pressure loss is more likely to occur. The bypass option allows the purging ball or bullet to bypass the pump and continue through the full length of hose so no disconnection or additional purging is necessary. The PTO Booster Pump comes standard with a 4414T Cornell Pump. An upgrade option for higher pressure is available with a 4NHTB Cornell Pump.


Hose Hustler I and II

The Hose Hustler saves much needed time by moving drag hose while the toolbar continues to inject manure. Mount it to a tractor and it can set up hose for the next application quadrant or move the hose quickly and easily if the toolbar tractor needs more hose, or needs to avoid a potentially damaging object in the field. It also serves to route the hose properly to avoid kinks and helps preserve the life of your hose and equipment.


Portable Pig Launcher

The Portable Pig Launcher is used to purge several sections of hose at a time for a quick hose cleanout. This can be a great way to save time in the field. Available in 6” and 8”, our Portable Pig Launcher comes equipped with a pressure gauge, diaphragm, two main line shut off valves, and two 4.8 x 4 ply tires for easy transportation.


Pit Pal

The Pit Pal agitates, loads and pumps! The heavy duty pump has the power to agitate from 800 to 1,100 GPM. Load your slurry wagon by combining your Pit Pal to force feed a vacuum tank or over the top with a Farmstar Portable Loadstand. The convenient gate valve permits agitating and/or pumping of outdoor manure pits. Also, the Pit Pal is portable which gives you the flexibility to use it in many different locations.


Trench Pal

When you need high volume, speed, and versatility, the Trench Pal is the ideal choice! This pump has the ability to pump thick liquids with a capacity of 800 GPM and requires no need for priming. It comes standard with two 25’ hydraulic hoses that can hooked up to any auxiliary hydraulics, such as a backhoe, tractor, or skid loader.


Portable Loadstand

Available in 8” and 10”, our Portable Loadstand features a wide base for increased stability, a square tube center support for additional strength and stability, handles on the clamp for easier lifting, a sturdy hitch for transportation, and has a 35’ length to allow more clearance on tanks. The transportation height is less than 10’ for easy mobility. All Loadstand tubes are made from galvanized steel and come standard with a 4 bolt flange, drain tube, hose, and clamp on the spout.

Other options available for the Portable Loadstand include a light kit, basket, new tires, and a ball and ring kit that includes a flange and gasket.


Frac Tank

Our 21,000 gallon Frac Tank provides an effective solution to apply manure from longer distances. It features a round bottom tank for easy cleaning, a 24” man hole at the rear, discharge valves on each side, hydraulic operated transport axle and landing gear, and a hydraulic manure pump.


Wheel Dozer

The Wheel Dozer is a convenient solution for hauling, spreading, and leveling. It features hydraulic cylinders to lift and tilt the dozer, ½” x 6” reversible blade, 7,000 lb spindles, 3/8” plate sides, wide flotation implement tires, and a swivel hitch. The Wheel Dozer is available in 10” and 12” sizes.


Pump Caddy

Need a place to store your pumps? Our Pump Caddy is able to hold up to 2 pumps on one trailer. It features a mesh basket for easy cleaning, DOT lighting, brakes, and new tires.