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Performance Workshop

Performance Workshop

This interactive workshop is focused on manure dragline application and is designed to improve your operation by providing new techniques, tools, and solutions to increase your efficiency. Lunch and a facility tour will be provided.


Pump Performance

Understand your pump’s efficiency by discussing various types and sizes of pumps and their corresponding pump curves. Also, learn about the newest pumps creating an impact in the industry.

Friction Loss

Learn how to quickly calculate your friction loss based on hose size, GPM, and distance. We’ll also discuss various factors that can increase and decrease your PSI.

Hose Quality

View various types of hose in order to understand the difference between manufacturers’ processes and specifications.


Learn how our Electronic Control System can benefit your operation by managing your pumps from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Make your investment work best for your operational needs. Whether you need to gain more days in a season or justify an equipment decision, learn the various payback opportunities you can achieve through your investments.

Field Layout

Learn how to save valuable time by planning in advance and understanding the most efficient ways of laying out your equipment on difficult fields.

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“The ideas I gained will be very useful for my business. Excellent workshop!” – Grant Ostler, Ostler Family Farms, Frankfort, IN

“Hearing other pumpers talk about their equipment and ways of operating gave me a better idea of what I need to grow my business.” – Nick Kopkey, Kopkey Manure Management, Manchester, IN